Real Estate Roundup: The life of a real estate broker |

Real Estate Roundup: The life of a real estate broker

Glamorous, wealthy, laid back, easy. Those were the adjectives that floated through my mind before I received my license.

The correct adjectives are “determined,” “hard working,” “stressful,” “loyal” and last but not least, “a decent living.”

After 13 years as a realtor, I can personally say that the first few adjectives are a little off track. “Wealthy” is correct in a non-monetary way, as the payment we receive when we help you buy or sell a home is priceless in so many ways.

Years before I became a broker, I bought and sold a few homes. Upon closing, I cringed at what I had to pay out of my proceeds each time. I kept thinking “that is a lot of money for such a little amount of work.” Wow, did I learn a thing or two when I became licensed and starting walking in a broker’s shoes.

My first few years in real estate, I worked nights, days and weekends non-stop. I spent quite a bit of my own money marketing myself, learning the area and the resources to use to help me become a better broker. When my first listing came, I was so excited that my hard work had finally paid off. Little did I know that the hard work had just begun.

Let me tell you a short story about my first listing. It was a wonderful older couple that became like second grandparents to me. Their home was a double-wide manufactured home on a lease-hold lot in Battlement Mesa. From the beginning, I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I thought, “not a problem, I can sell anything.” The first problem was the amount of the mortgage was close to what they owed. Two, finding a lender that would loan on a lease-hold was the next step. Three, the buyer had to qualify for the new mortgage and be accepted as a tenant for the lot.

I did my marketing, took several trips to Battlement Mesa, talked to my sellers regularly and got their home under contract. We made it through the entire process of the contract, insuring that both parties were treated fairly and were off to closing. I thought “Yeah!” My first commission check. Unfortunately, the sellers didn’t have quite enough money to sell and pay me as their broker. So we worked out a deal. My brokerage took a promissory note from the sellers and we were paid a little at a time. The sellers were so pleased that we were willing to help them that I had friends and clients for life.

This is only one of many stories myself and fellow brokers have to tell. The realtors I know truly love their job and the people they work so hard for to help make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

As we all know, brokers will come and brokers will go. You will know the dedicated ones in their field by the ones that have held on through the good and the bad times. Real Estate Out West knows first hand the “glamorous” life of a realtor. We recently lost three great brokers, friends and partners in our business. The three of them have chosen different career paths and we wish them the best. The rest of us are still here. We have moved our office to downtown Rifle and we have a new location in Grand Junction as well. Hope you can stop by and say hello.

Just remember the next time you see your realtor, stop and say thank you, because behind that never-ending smile, they are working hard to help you buy or sell your home.

But it’s not glamorous, laid back or easy. Trust me.

Danette Dickey is a broker at Real Estate Out West in Rifle.

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