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Rifle High School students cook for and feed the hungry

Rifle High School health student, from left: Kaycee Womack (10th), Ksaan Brueckmann (10th), Cheyanne Miller (11th), Alyssa Brennan (10th), Camille Kollar (10th), Saray Robles (10th), Jasmine Enriquez (10th) and Miguel Guardado (10th). The students, inspired by a documentary, cooked and served a meal to needy families in Collbran.
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“Despite the fact that our nation has the means and resources to feed every hungry mouth, it’s estimated that one in four American children doesn’t get enough to eat. If we possess the capability to provide these starving children with a nutritious diet but fail to do so, what does that say about us as a society?” –“‘A Place at the Table” documentary.

Recently, students in the Rifle High School health class watched “A Place at the Table.” The movie talks about poverty and obesity and how some people have very limited access to eating healthy. It follows Rosie, a second grader from Collbran, Colo., a family in Mississippi and a family in Philadelphia.

For a long time, it seemed a common trend was to show movies like “Super Size Me.” While movies like that may be beneficial to some, it seems as though students learn best when they empathize and sympathize with others. In “A Place at the Table,” students were able to relate to the story of Rosie. For many students, it made the issue of hunger much more real, knowing that Collbran is just an hour away. Many students had been to Collbran themselves, be it for rodeo or on their way to Vega Reservoir in the summer. They also seemed to feel empathy and sympathy for those in Collbran who suffer from food insecurity, which we talked about in class. This means that a person might not know where their next meal is coming from. We discussed that maybe each individual person does not have the means to provide for a community, but if we pull our resources together, we can make a full, well-balanced meal.

The students took it upon themselves to gather supplies to make a healthy and complete dinner for needy residents of Collbran on the night they have their food bank. Students brought in a variety of ingredients, from fennel seeds to lasagna noodles, to make their own homemade lasagna with homemade sauce. They wanted to take the extra step and not be a part of society that fails to help those in need.

“Famished Colorado second-grader Rosie has difficulty concentrating in school and relies on the kindness of others to fill her plate.” –“‘A Place at the Table” documentary.

Students at Rifle High School saw an opportunity to take care of that for some people, even if it was just for one night. We contacted Pastor Bob at Plateau Valley Assembly of God Church, and it wasn’t long before everything was organized and set to go. Students worked hard and created a delicious meal, consisting of nine trays of lasagna, two large salads and six loaves of garlic bread. It was awesome to see that not one student complained that they didn’t get to eat the food themselves. It really showed their true generosity.

Lisa Scrabeck

Health teacher, Rifle High School

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