Silt, Rifle chambers of commerce agree to consolidate |

Silt, Rifle chambers of commerce agree to consolidate

Mike McKibbin
Citizen Telegram Editor

The Silt Chamber of Commerce is no more, but its members are being offered membership in the Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce.

As of the first of the year, the two chambers consolidated and the result was the Silt chamber, which had seen its membership decline in recent years due to the economic downturn, was dissolved, according to Rifle chamber President and CEO Frank Ladd.

“We first talked about this with both the Silt and the [Parachute/Battlement Mesa] chambers a couple years ago,” he said. “But the Rifle board at the time was not ready. Then Silt approached us again last summer and we reached an agreement in the last few months.”

Ladd said the Rifle chamber could gain as many as 16 members, if all the Silt members agree to join the Rifle chamber at the same rate they paid to be Silt chamber members. Some Silt members were already Rifle chamber members, he added.

Rifle chamber officials will visit each Silt chamber member and extend their membership offer, Ladd said.

“It brings in a new community for our members to access,” he noted. “It also expands our area and advocacy in chamber activities.”

“We felt it would be a disservice if all the Silt chamber members just faded away,” Ladd continued. “Silt and Rifle are kind of sister cities with a lot of the same basic interests. So it was a natural fit.”

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