Thanks for Rifle gardens |

Thanks for Rifle gardens

To the editor:

Though not by our choice or desire, we members of the Rifle Growing Community and Growing Food Forward, will be moving the gardens built in front of Mancinelli’s Pizza, at the request of the business owner, Jennifer Greenfield. We appreciate the use of the property this past season and wish Ms. Greenfield and Mancinelli’s Pizza all the best in their future endeavors and plans for the property.

We are grateful to the The Jim Lord Agency for welcoming and allowing the gardens on their business property so that we can plant gardens with greens and cold crops under hoop frames and row cover, early next Spring. We are looking forward to having fresh produce for some of those 70% of Rifle students who depend on their free or reduced school lunch, when they get out for their summer vacation.

With bad weather soon approaching and no budget for the removal of gardens, we are asking the help of the Rifle community to help us move the gardens beginning next Thursday, November 6th. Barring bad weather, we will be having major work sessions starting at 9 a.m. on November 8, November 15 and November 22, all Saturdays.

In order to execute an efficient move, we desperately need volunteers, a few donations of supplies, and somebody(ies) with a Bobcat, front loader/skid steer and truck(s). If you can help us, we’d really appreciate it and you can bet we’ll enjoy some tasty snacks made from the gardens! Please contact us to sign up, to help with donations of supplies or heavy equipment, or with your ideas by calling:

Andrea Matthews: (720) 473-2670 or Kim Doyle Wille: (970) 704-9535

Thank you Rifle for a great summer!

Andrea Matthews

Rifle Growing Community Coordinator

Kim Doyle Wille

Growing Food Forward Executive Director

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