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Ute offers Friday fun with five comedians

Don Chaney
Rifle Special Events manager

What kind of value do you put on entertainment? Do you have a favorite artist you would pay a lot of money to see? Maybe you’re one of those folks who love spending money on something new when you go out and love to be surprised. Have you ever seen a performance because the price was so good you thought you might as well take a chance?

Those discoveries are the best. You go with no expectation and just let the show happen. Sometimes that’s even better than going to see your favorite performer.

You pay a lot of money and can’t help but have expectations. Will they play my favorite song? Will they tell that hilarious joke you saw on Jimmy Fallon?

My friend the late, great, comedian David Brenner once told me that it’s a shame that a handful of comedians are the ones who get talked about — the ones who command big dollars for a show. He lamented that there was so much great comedy out there, and the only way to find it was to seek it. He came from an era where you got booked on “The Tonight Show,” and the next day your career took off. Those days are over.

Now, to discover new comedy you can always go to the Internet and wade through the wannabees, or you can risk five bucks and possibly discover the next Louis C.K.

This Friday night, five comedians join us at the Ute Theater for the aptly titled “Five Comedians For Five Bucks!” Five bucks — that’s a coffee from Starbucks.

Up from Denver are Tobias Livingston, Byron Graham, Dick Black and Patrick Scott, along with one of my favorite Aspen funny men, Glenn Smith, who will probably have you laughing ‘til it hurts simply by telling you the story of his drive to the venue.

Ever heard of any of these guys? If not, who cares?

It’s $5 and you won’t be there for 90 minutes because that’s how long your latte takes to get made. If everyone understood the energy, moxy and confidence it takes to get up there and tell jokes to a group of people, they wouldn’t bat an eye at spending so little for the chance of seeing some great Friday night entertainment.

I’ve talked about this in an earlier column. How I loved promoters that introduced me to something new, especially when they proved time after time that they had an eye or an ear for something new and good.

With comedy being so subjective, when you have five comedians, people leave the theater with a different favorite for very different reasons. With five comedians, the chance that at least one of them will make you laugh out loud is pretty good — well worth $5. What if three of them do? You got a pretty good deal.

That kind of discovery is the best way to spend a Friday night with friends, if you ask me. The comedians will appreciate it, and I think you will, too.

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