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With pot, don’t look for anymore Willard Libbys from Parachute

I believe the town of Parachute’s decision to approve the marijuana industry last month was a mistake. I get it that we are down 30 percent tax revenue from this time last year and we are in crisis mode. The decision that was made, was made out of desperation by people who are capable of finding better solutions. If you were to meet the mayor and the rest of the town servants, you’d know you are amongst good people.

One fine solution to the revenue problem would be to court respectable businesses — chains or private — that would attract other respectable businesses and people. The nearest Home Depot is 45 miles west or 90 miles east. Something like that would serve Parachute and neighboring cities.

One thing I learned in the last several weeks while talking to citizens was that many people were not aware that a vote was to take place at town hall lifting the marijuana ban; that it was ineffectively advertised. I understand representative government but I think, and many people of Parachute think, that an issue of this magnitude should be voted on directly by the citizens.

Short term, the town may see increases in the next months’ tax revenues with pot sales, but long term we will experience social and economic decay. Advocating pot sends the wrong message to the youth. The marijuana industry is hazardous to the youth, and can be detrimental to theirs and the town’s future.

I know a delivery driver. Very often on the Western Slope, she says she delivers cell phones to adults wearing their pajamas in the middle of the day. When they open the door, she’s greeted with a waft of reefer. So strange, but welcome to the new Colorado.

One of my sons is upset about his classmates having even easier access to drugs. My other son said he would never work at a pot shop because he knows it would ruin his chances of landing a career. I fully agree with both of them. Everyday of the week you can read about a child or a pet being subjected to marijuana. As a former employer, I would look at employment at a pot shop as a stain on that resume.

These boys are smarter, wiser and more responsible than many of those who have authority over them. I would love, love to see a youth rebellion in this country. They could tell the aging, unskilled voters, “Keep your debt and your drugs.” Maybe they could offer those who have ruined their future to China as payments when the Chinese come to collect on the debt. “Bye Auntie, bye Grandpa and Mr. Politician. Don’t forget your bongs.”

When a young person sees a pot shop open up, exactly what message do you think is sent? Of course, the message is that pot is OK. The message I grew up with was “Just say no.” You could try to tell your kids differently. They may heed your words but they are more likely to follow you example. You can’t preach to your kid how unhealthy it is to consume alcohol while drinking a six-pack.

Go ahead and subtract property value losses from your financial portfolio. Some may offer anecdotal stories of increases in big cities, but Parachute is a very small town. Whether it’s a grow house or a dispensary, they reek. There is no escape from the influence and stench that industry brings. The next argument will be: “Not in my backyard!”

Some say we need the jobs. I say, “Yeah, we do.” Welcome employers that offer an untainted future. NASA isn’t hiring dope smokers or junkies. Most employers do not allow drug use. If you don’t understand, ask my young son. He will enlighten you. Quiz: As an employer, are you more likely to hire a former pot shop employee or a Wendy’s employee?

This will make some mad … so bring it on. Real medicine comes from real doctors. If a person could benefit medicinally from a marijuana derivative, get an FDA approved prescription from a qualified doctor in the form of a pill and buy it at an actual pharmacy. Legalization was first sold to us as the need for medicinal use and hemp, Once that was passed, the recreational use hurdle was easier to overcome. I have yet to see someone braiding a rope. Our society has been chipped away, sometimes in little pieces, sometimes in big chunks.

Don’t tell me pot isn’t addictive. I know it is. Don’t tell me it doesn’t cause violence. I know it does. Anyone who’s been around the block even a little bit, knows these things. Another thing that makes me mad is when someone will tell you it’s for kids’ benefits. Gullible voters fall for this ploy with every election. Our youth doesn’t need any more “favors” from this generation of voters. These poor kids are plagued with the consequences of our bad decisions. Almost every time, I will say “to each their own” but this is an easy line for me to draw. Drugs are bad for the masses. Innocent people die.

Parachute had, and may still have the golden opportunity to create a prosperous haven. It is factual that not everybody wants to participate in the marijuana world. Many other nearby towns have condoned and allowed the pot industry. Parachute would be the beacon and refuge for desirable businesses and people to come, if Parachute were to continue the ban on the marijuana industry.

The next town hall meeting is Thursday, July 16, at 6:30 p.m.

Norman Feck

Parachute town trustee

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