Young Writers: Ticket to Mars |

Young Writers: Ticket to Mars

Bailey Samson
Second Grade
Bailey Samson
Staff Photo |

Editors note: The Citizen Telegram is teaming with Highland Elementary School to publish and recognize a selected writing sample from one student each month of the 2015-16 school year. This month’s sample stems from a narrative prompt posed to second grade students.

Buzz! My red alarm clock rang as I quickly jumped out of bed. Immediately, I got dressed and ate breakfast. Then my whole family got in the red car and drove to the airport.

At dusk we got to the airport and then we quickly got in a big, red and blue rocket. The rocket was going to Mars.

By the time we got to outer space the rocket malfunctioned and rapidly went all the way back to Earth.

Then, we went back to space. We landed on Mars, but we had nothing to eat. After that, we began to search and search but we could not find anything to eat.

Instantly, we got back in the rocket, buckled our seatbelts, and we went all the way back to Earth to go get food.

Just then, we went to the market and got some food.

Then, we went back to Mars and had a nice picnic. Finally, our day was over…

“I wonder if we will ever run out of food?” wondered my dad.

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