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Abandon hope for a winning season

Bringing it homeJoelle MilholmGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I had a dream that when the Rockies came to Colorado, I might someday have to chance of cheering for a winning ball club. Maybe even one that would one day win it all.Growing up as a Cubs fan, that was not possible very often. And as we’ve seen with the Rockies the last 14 years, that’s not looking very good, either.Even though the Rockies are playing above .500 right now, I am not feeling any more optimistic about their future, especially after a dream, actually let’s call it a nightmare, I had the other night.It was one of those fly-on-the-wall dreams, where I had been magically uprooted from my bed into the Rockies dugout, but no one knew I was there.It was a two or three hours before game time and a few players were out warming up on the field. Colorado Manager Clint Hurdle was the only one in the dugout – besides me, but he was unaware of my presence.Hurdle was sitting on the bench, with his hat sitting high on his head like he’d been scratching his forehead in serious thought. The lineup card was gripped tightly in his right hand, with the one through nine spots empty. He didn’t know what to do. As I started to notice this, he finally muttered a statement to himself that confirmed everything I have ever thought about him.”I have no idea what to do,” he whispered looking blankly at the lineup card. “I’ve never known what to do. I just make this up as I go along.”As a fly on the wall or being invisible or whatever form I was in, my jaw just dropped. I couldn’t believe it. Then I watched him just guess and randomly put players in spots. The dugout slowly got blurred out and I flew back to reality and sat up in-awe of what I had just seen.I couldn’t decide what was more disturbing, the fact that I had dreamt about Hurdle or that I had seen him say he didn’t know what he was doing. Although the Rockies are doing better this season, I don’t believe Hurdle is the man to lead the Rockies. I think giving Hurdle a contract extension at the beginning of the season was dumber than giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to your car. Managerial jobs should be based on performance. You can’t just get an extension, so that it makes things easier and you don’t have to worry about losing your job.He should have to worry about losing his job. The Rockies have not been successful. It’s been six years since Hurdle took over and the Rockies have gone 407-488 and never finished higher than fourth place in the National League West. Now this year, we are supposed to be happy because the Rockies are playing .500 ball?I’m not happy. Yeah, sure it’s better, but the Rockies are still struggling on the road and with consistency. I would be shocked, and excited, but more shocked if the Rockies actually advanced to the postseason.A winning season would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but how about a few. How about the playoffs? How about pressure and consequences for losing? This is the big leagues and that’s how it is.Maybe when Hurdle’s gone, the Rockies consistently winning games and making the playoffs, maybe even the World Series, won’t just be a dream.Contact Joelle Milholm at 384-9124 or jmilholm@postindepentend.com.

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