Are the Yankees’ free-spending ways ruining baseball? |

Are the Yankees’ free-spending ways ruining baseball?

The Yankees’ free-spending ways might ruin baseball if that spending actually led to them winning the World Series every year, but evidently $200 million-plus payrolls don’t lead to championships. Therefore, I have no problem with the free-spending Yankees. I enjoy rooting against the big spenders (New York, Boston, Los Angeles) and for the “have-nots” (Oakland, Minnesota, Milwaukee).

I do have to admit it is bit unfair that they are the ones who can afford the big-time stars, but it’s still fun to watch the organizations who succeed often because of their quality farm system, coaching and excellent management decisions.

Also, the current disparity in payrolls among the teams gives us a certain David versus Goliath intrigue, which always makes a season a bit more interesting.

The Yankees aren’t ruining baseball with their free-spending ways.

They’re just making it so the contenders for the World Series are limited to the teams whose owners have the most money in their bank accounts. Oh, wait. They ARE ruining baseball (or at least trying really hard to).

The Yankees don’t even need a farm system. The rest of the league is their farm system. Baseball needs a salary cap. End of story.

One more thing: This Yankees thing will never work. Ever.

Baseball needs the Yankees to be the Evil Empire.

There was a stretch, after Mickey Mantle retired in 1964 and before George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees, when they were just another mediocre team … meanwhile: a .301 batting average led the league (Yaz in ’67, I believe) … pullover tops and stretch pants with elastic waists replaced button-up jerseys and belted pants, cookie-cutter stadiums with Astroturf bounces popped up all over … free agency arrived and the DH. … Now, THOSE THINGS were bad for baseball.

Once Emperor George began signing and buying up the best players (Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Gregg Nettles, among others), the Yankees returned to prominence and it became fun to hate them and root for their demise ” just like today!

So, buy, buy, buy, son-of-George, and all is right with the baseball world.

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