Carbondale man Robbie Davis wins division at CrossFit Games |

Carbondale man Robbie Davis wins division at CrossFit Games

The Roaring Fork Valley is home to one of the fittest on Earth.

Robbie Davis, 46, of Carbondale placed first in the 45-49 year old Masters division of the the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit is a fitness regimen utilizing functional movements at high intensity, according to their website. The workouts take movements and inspiration from gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing. Those who qualify for and place in the yearly Games — this year’s took place August 3-6 in Madison, Wisc. — are dubbed “Fittest on Earth.”

Davis owns CrossFit Bonedale in Carbondale with his wife Joanne, who actually got him into the sport. Davis had done a bunch of triathlons, played rugby, and in 2010 was considering getting into Taekwondo to mellow out. But everyone from his wife to his brother seemed to be doing this CrossFit thing, so he checked it out.

“At that point she was kicking my butt all over the gym,” Davis laughed.

But it wasn’t all competition. The couple enjoyed being able to work out and progress together, physically and mentally.

“It was great to workout with her,” Davis said. “That dynamic was awesome.”

The physical and mental tenacity needed in CrossFit is something Davis said he loves about the sport.

“To get better, you have to lift heavy stuff,” he said.

The workouts come with prescribed weight amounts, and it’s the mental toughness, Davis said, that’s needed to work up to that weight, even when breathing heavily and trying to grip the bar.

“Workouts are as hard as you want them to be,” Davis said.

He started entering and competing in the Regionals and Open CrossFit Games in 2010. It wasn’t until 2013 when CrossFit Games had a Master’s division.

“All these guys were like 20 and i was almost 40,” Davis said with a laugh. “I told them, you have to get a Master’s its just not totally fair.”

Davis has gone to the Games every year since the Master’s started.

Davis has worked at “plugging the holes” in his game, namely with the gymnastics moves such as pull ups and handstand push ups.

“That’s been a big weakness for me,” he said.

At the Games, the event he was simultaneously most intimidated and excited by was one where the athletes had to do 50 chest to bar pull ups, 50 toes to bar and 30 clean and jerks with 205 pounds.

“Now I really enjoy the gymnastics and bar moves,” he said.
Davis compared CrossFit to golf when it comes to the importance of technique.

“Actually learning proper technique — it’s like a game of golf, minor tweaks make a huge difference in your lifts,” he said.

Davis trains and coaches the next Fittest on Earth athletes at CrossFit Bonedale. But he encouraged people to not be put off by what they’ve heard from others or seen on TV.

“Come in and check it out, then make an educated decision,” he said. “CrossFit is infinitely scalable.”

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