CRV Little League wins state championship |

CRV Little League wins state championship

The CRV Little League boys 11-12 year old team celebrates its state championship win Saturday.

For the first time in league history, the Colorado River Valley Little League Major boys team won the state championship July 21, clinching a spot in the regional tournament in Waco, Texas, starting July 31.

The 11- to 12-year-old boys baseball team dropped the second game of the state tournament, pushing them into the consolation bracket. CRV didn’t quit though, as the boys battled all the way back to take on Colorado Springs on Saturday in the championship game needing two wins to claim the state title.

In the first game, the CRV boys won 2-0, putting them one win away from the state championship. CRV was able to take care of business in the second game, winning the first state championship in league history.

Members of CRV include: coach Matt Larocque, coach Dustin Kramer, coach Ryan Harlow, coach Steve Simons, coach Tyler McMillian, and coach Josh Wright. Players: Josh (LJ) Wright, Quentin Kramer, Logan Harlow, Ben Simons, Joey Spritzer, Brady Luetke, Adan Medina, Luke Downing, Dylan Miller, Joshua Doll, Wyatt Murray, Ryder Bjurstrom, Arath Esparza Lopez, and Tryston Sheets.

CRV opens the regional tournament in Waco on Thursday, Aug. 1, against New Mexico.

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