Fast women deserve the same respect |

Fast women deserve the same respect

Casper's CornerJeff CaspersenGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Jeff Caspersen

Watching ESPN’s “First Take” television show Monday morning, I noticed something more than a little disturbing.The recent spat between Indy racing drivers Danica Patrick and Milka Duno surfaced on the show’s First and 10 segment, in which Skip Bayless exchanges inanities on the sports world’s issue of the day with various guest panelists.In case you didn’t catch the altercation, go Google one of the involved’s names and check it out. Basically, it’s a heated exchange of words followed by Duno firing a towel at Danica. Funny stuff. No doubt.What struck me was the panel’s blatantly sexist treatment of the subject matter. For the record, Bayless’ foes of the day were radio-personality brothers Doug and Ryan Stewart, aka The 2 Live Stews. After playing the now-infamous clip to kick off the segment, the argument devolved into the mocking of Danica’s voice and one of the panelists saying, in such classy fashion, that “Milka’s fine!”Huh? Male athletes go at it all the time – in the form of bench-clearing brawls in baseball, all-out sparring sessions in hockey or Tony Stewart just being himself on the NASCAR front.Had this altercation happened between two men, it would have warranted nary a blurb on your average sports page.And that just doesn’t sit well with me. How, in 2008, can the media remain so Neanderthalic in our news coverage? Must we continue to be held hostage by such silly stereotypes?Enough already.I typically don’t jump all over the sexism bandwagon. To be truthful, I always reacted to Hillary Clinton surrogates’ cries of sexism during the recent Democratic presidential primary campaign with a roll of my eyes.Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention.Maybe it just took something of this nature happening in the sports world for me to take notice. Check out some of the headlines I found upon doing a news search on the Patrick-Duno incident:• Danica Patrick and Milka Duno’s Indy 200 smackdown!• Who wants a Super-Soaker Battle between Danica Patrick and Milka Duno?• Me-OW! Danica, Milka tangle in pits• Cat Fight Video: Danica Patrick, Milka Duno From Indy Mid-OhioCat Fight Video? Really?Super-soaker battle? Give me a break.Please tell me I’m not the only male out there perturbed by all this. Contact Jeff Caspersen:

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