Glenwood Springs’ annual Turkey Trot 5K is dog-friendly |

Glenwood Springs’ annual Turkey Trot 5K is dog-friendly

Jon Mitchell
Many of the participants had turkeys on their heads and dogs on leashes in the Turkey Day 5k on Thursday morning. Here, Madi Taskett of Glenwood Springs runs leisurely with her dog, Elody, during the race held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.

Turkey Trot 5K Results

Saturday in Glenwood Springs

Top 75 overall finishers

1. Kellen Fockler, 18:23.75; 2. Brian Passenti, 19:44.21; 3. Enrique Pulomaris, 20:14.18; 4. Henry Barth, 20:42.68; 5. Alex Perkins, 20:51.92; 6. Jonathan Cappelli, 21:08.00; 7. John Stroud, 21:36.00; 8. Amy Rollins, 21:59.22; 9. Sergio Nevarez, 22:10.95; 10. Wyatt Till, 22:14.16.

11. Sarah Treese, 22:15.39; 12. Alex Treese, 22:15.81; 13. Patrick Davis, 22:20.12; 14. Eddie Murray, 22:34.30; 15. Brenden Langenhuizen, 22:40.31; 16. Bryce Risner, 22:41.91; 17. Andrew Mansfield, 22:42.33; 18. John Piccinaiti, 22:45.78; 19. Jim Harris, 22:50.67; 20. Chris Harvey, 22:56.72.

21. Martin Pearson, 22:57.34; 22. Alexander Gomez, 22:59.32; 23. Ron Lund, 23:12.05; 24. Zach Watson, 23:12.51; 25. Bruce Barth, 23:15.27; 26. Morgan Hill, 23:18.12; 27. Brion After, 23:20.98; 28. Rob Stein, 23:23.30; 29. Benny Smith, 23:30.80; 30. Andrea Bauer, 23:33.46.

31. Bob Byram, 23:37.48; 32. Madi Spence, 23:40.37; 33. Johnny Utah, 23:41.15; 34. Ryan Yost, 23:47.09; 35. Jason Rash, 24:02.13; 36. Chris Geiger, 24:03.86; 37. Liule Murphy, 24:07.06; 38. Josh Baker, 24:12.83; 39. David Brooks, 24:13.27; 40. Dan Smith, 24:23.47.

41. Steve Follin, 24:30.60; 42. Joy Schneider, 24:34.23; 43. Betsy After, 24:40.33; 44. Charlie DeFord, 24:42.00; 45. Erica Diemox, 24:41.78; 46. Sean McCarty, 24:42.42; 47. Katie Elliott, 24:47.15; 48. Garrett Like, 24:58.91; 49. Greg Tennant, 24:59.46; 50. Phil Samora, 25:21.35.

51. Brandon Toomey, 25:29.60; 52. Mike Mills, 25:36.04; 53. Greg Mills, 25:52.90; 54. Kelly Sarno, 25:59.46; 55. Ellen Brooks, 26:04.93; 56. Hilary Garnsey, 26:08.69; 57. Katharine Follin, 26:11.39; 58. Christine Follin, 26:11.80; 59. Emily Worline, 26:12.72; 60. Brett Hesse, 26:17.69.

61. Tom Whatoff, 26:19.96; 62. Audrey Asplund, 26:26.76; 63. Ben Sarno, 26:27.16; 64. Jarid Rollins, 26:27.60; 65. Rich Hooper. 26:34.17; 66. Nicole Toomey, 26:34.17; 67. Alex Cutright, 26:36.26; 68. Hilary Garnsey, 26:38.11; 69. Aiden Francomb, 26:38.52; 70. Rodney Naylor, 26:48.75.

71. Molly Rumrey, 26:51.48; 72. Nephi Thompson, 27:03.54; 73. Shantz Nichol, 27:05.91l 74. Derek Sandoval, 27:08.53; 75. Josh Allison, 27:09.05.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Madi Taskett has made it a yearly habit to do a Turkey Trot 5K with her mom, whether it was at her former home in Fort Collins or down in Arizona. Needless to say, there was a little extra thrill when she found out she could bring her best friend — her dog — with her to Glenwood Springs’ annual version of the Turkey Trot 5K on Thursday.

“We were getting ready to leave when my mom said, ‘Hey, you can bring Elody along,’” the 25-year-old Taskett said. “I was like, ‘Really?’”

Taskett wasn’t the only one who brought her canine companion along with her to the event held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. There were a plethora of furry friends joining the more than 400 runners who took part in the pre-feast festivities on Thanksgiving morning. That’s become an extra selling point for the race that has become the biggest 5-kilometer event in Garfield County.

All of those extra runners — whether they had four legs or two — added to the aura that included people running while wearing turkey hats, chefs hats and even aprons.

“I think it’s awesome,” Taskett said. “The fact that dogs can come along brings an extra sense of community and a different feel than when you go somewhere else to run competitively. It’s kind of a cozy, fun feeling.”

It was hard to estimate just how many dogs took part in the race, but it was easy to tell there was no discrimination by breed. Some dogs — huskies, Labradors, Dalmatians — seemed to fit a stereotypical profile of dogs that would make a 3.1-mile jaunt like that. Others, not so much.

“The only problem we had on the course was when another dog wanted to have [my dog] as a chew toy,” laughed Brett Lark, 27, of Glenwood Springs, whose 3-year-old miniature Dachshund, Siri, ran the full course.

“This is fantastic,” he continued. “I’m pleased with how dog friendly the whole valley is, especially with this race. Dogs are so loyal, sometimes even more than humans.”

A loyal runner in the area is 22-year-old Glenwood native Kellen Fockler, who won the race handily in 18 minutes, 23.75 seconds to easily beat the second-place finisher, Brian Passenti (19:44.21), by more than a minute. Fockler also won the 10K race in this past summer’s Strawberry Shortcut. The top overall female was 39-year-old Alex Perkins, who finished fifth overall in 20:51.92.

Finishing third was 34-year-old Enrique Pulomaris (20:14.18), with 12-year-old Glenwood runner Henry Barth (20:42.68) finishing fourth.

The race served as a fundraiser for the Glenwood Springs High School boys and girls swimming teams, the school’s cross country teams and the local swimming club, Team Sopris. There were also some runners who not only ran the race with their dogs, but also bought a running tag for their canines to wear on their collars. Some did that simply because they had kids who were swimmers, but others did it just for the novelty factor.

“I had a lot of calls with questions about the race last night, and the most common question I was asked was if they could bring their dog,” race director Steve Vanderhoof said. “I even had some people ask me, ‘If I buy a tag for my dog, do they get a time, too?’”

The answer to that question was no, actually, but that likely didn’t stop some owners from sharing some of the post-race grub that included — what else? — turkey and stuffing. Running that 5K likely built up an appetite for the four-legged friends, but it was more like a quick trip to the backyard for some of the more athletic dogs in the pack of runners.

“She’s my running buddy. Ten to 12 miles doesn’t even faze her,” said 36-year-old Jenny Queen, whose 3-year-old husky mix, Kiana, joined her for the run. “It’s great that this is such a dog-friendly event and town, and it’s great to have a relaxed event like this to bring her to. It’s great for everybody.”

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