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I believe in yesterday

Mike Vidakovich
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More prophetic words have never been spoken than when the Beatles’ Paul McCartney sang to us all that yesterday came suddenly.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m not a musician, and I’m not a big hockey fan, but it seemed like just yesterday when I would tune my parent’s old black and white television to the NHL game of the week when the Philadelphia Flyers were playing, just so I could listen to Kate Smith sing “God Bless America.” Smith had a voice that was out of this world — right up there with Patsy Cline and Joan Baez — but more importantly, Philadelphia players and fans believed that Smith brought the team good luck when she would sing prior to the game. The Flyers won the 1974 Stanley Cup with Smith as their mystical charm at home games. For me, I literally had to hold back the tears when I would listen to that rotund lady belt out the patriotic tune. Who knows, maybe the music lifted the Philadelphia players to heights they wouldn’t have reached on their own. To borrow a phrase from author Mitch Albom, “All humans are musical; why else would the Lord give you a beating heart?”

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I would go to the football games at Folsom Field in Boulder to watch the Buffaloes, and they were always adorned in their traditional black and gold uniforms with the interlocking CU on the helmet. The Buffs, like so many teams in the modern era, have gone away from the tried and true in favor of the multi-colored combinations that, in my opinion, look silly. One Colorado fan that resides in Glenwood came back from a game this fall and told me the gray uniforms the team wore that day looked like pajamas.

I don’t doubt it. The Buffs often played this fall like they were in their nighties.

It must have been yesterday when all of the local high school football teams played each other in the preseason, regardless of classification and conference affiliation. I do understand that teams now get rewarded playoff points that go toward the goal of a berth in the postseason, but it makes no sense that the hometown Demons play the Brush Beetdiggers, who are just a 3-iron from the Nebraska border, while the rival Rams from Carbondale and the Coal Ridge Titans are nowhere to be found on the schedule. I would say the same of the Rifle Bears. Why Jefferson and Moab, Utah, but not Coal Ridge, the school seven miles up the interstate in your own district? Rifle and Glenwood both have great programs, coaches and kids. I saw that firsthand this fall when I covered their games for the Post Independent. I certainly don’t know what all goes into scheduling when two schools try to work out details to meet on the field or basketball court, it just seems that playing the rivals generates crowds, interest and passion, regardless of the outcome. Maybe local schools just want a change of pace and scenery in nonconference scheduling after many years of beating up on each other. I would still like to see the rivals, especially in the Roaring Fork Valley, play each other more often.

It had to be yesterday when there were just two announcers, and no “expert analysts” for televised sporting events. Between listening to all of the opinions of former coaches and players, many of whom have trouble stringing together a legitimate sentence, and all of the commercial breaks, it becomes a test of will to make it through even the Sunday Broncos game. I long for the day when the legendary voices of Keith Jackson and Chris Schenkel would call the Saturday afternoon college football game of the week. There were no studio hosts, and no squeaky blonde sideline reporters. It was just Jackson, following a Michigan touchdown against Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes, saying enthusiastically, “Old Uncle Mo is wearing the maize and blue now, folks!”

I’m sure it was yesterday that there was a movie worth going to, or a television program that was worth watching. I did have a chuckle recently when I saw that the great Rocky Balboa continues on as a fight trainer in a new movie called “Creed.” I think the writers and producers in Hollywood have squeezed just about all the life that is left out of Rocky. I would venture to guess that this movie will not garner any Oscar nominations.

Yesterday’s television shows were the best. My TV is pretty much limited to the Broncos and the Fighting Irish these days, but I do catch the old episodes of “Andy Griffith” and “All in the Family” with my mom. I love Archie Bunker, and I still, to this day, haven’t seen a female on the airwaves that can outdo Ginger from “Gilligan’s Island.” If I was on the committee picking the final four contestants in the national championship “best looking ladies of all time” playoff, I would have Ginger as my number one seed. I will argue this point with anyone, at any time.

Yesterday has, in fact, come suddenly. And just like that member of the Fab Four that sang about it so many years ago, I believe in yesterday, too.

I think I always will.

Mike Vidakovich writes freelance for the Post Independent.

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