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If you were the Broncos’ GM, would you trade Cutler?

My beloved Denver Broncos are a mess and it’s all Bill Belichick’s fault. I could never quite put my finger on it, but one astute student, Colby Fauser, explained it to me.

He claims there is a Belichick conspiracy to fill the NFL coaching ranks with his allies. Once there, they destroy the team internally, which paves the way for continuing Patriot dominance.

Look at the facts.

The Jets, a rival to the Pats, were taken down by Eric Mangini’s decision to take on Favre. The Browns, an up-and-coming team, were a train wreck thanks to Romeo Crennel.

Now the Broncos, Chiefs and Lions have former Belichick colleagues in command. It’s no coincidence in Kansas City, since their defense ended Brady’s season last year.

The Broncos were a long-time nemesis to the Patriots under Shanahan. As soon as he’s gone, Belichick swooped in to wreck the one team that had a strong record against him during his career.

In light of this revelation and for the simple fact that I’m a sane person, there is no way they should trade Cutler. Trade Cutler and the Patriot Conspiracy grows.

Would I trade Baby Jay? Probably not, unless he pulls a Jaybee being Jaybee.

Sometimes, when encountering juvenile behavior, the best way to extinguish it is to ignore it. Generally, the recalcitrant gets worse for a brief period of time ” which we’ve been seeing with Baby Jay, but to respond to the behavior would encourage it even more.

There have been some Brady Quinn-from-Cleveland rumors, and maybe McDaniel can coach him up as he did Matt Cassell at New England, but really ” do the Broncos want to trade for a QB the Browns don’t want?

So I say, “Stay, Jay. Shake, Jay. Roll over, Jay … but don’t speak.”

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