It’s an uphill battle trying to satisfy everyone |

It’s an uphill battle trying to satisfy everyone

Casper's CornerJeff CaspersenGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I rarely pay much mind to letters to the editor, but a diatribe by King Lloyd in Sunday’s paper caught my eye. The crux of Lloyd’s missive: that the Post Independent hates soccer. Well, that may be slight hyperbole, but King made clear he doesn’t feel we give soccer its due ink.And he’s absolutely right. My colleague, Joelle Milholm, and I obviously hate soccer.Seriously, how hard can it be to sprint incessantly for 80 or 90 (depending on the level) minutes? Can’t be that tough … And all that “impressive” footwork – a freakin’ cakewalk!And, who cares if, as Lloyd states, 35 billion people worldwide watch the sport? I don’t. And I really don’t care that, as he made clear, the most recent World Cup was broadcast in 200 countries and 41 languages. Global schmobal.You figured us out, King. It’s all part of our anti-soccer agenda. We’re ready to go fist to fist with the misguided, soccer-loving world.OK, OK, I’ll cut the sarcasm now. The Post Independent sports department does not hate soccer – at any level. Since arriving here earlier this year, I’ve covered a number of soccer contests, including one last week at CMC. We also staffed Rifle’s boys opener on Thursday and had a sibling paper cover Glenwood’s boys opener on Saturday.In fact, since I’ve been here, I’ve written about just about every sport under the sun, from baseball to bowling. Yes, bowling.I’d say we’re anything but discriminate with our coverage. If sources are willing to cooperate, we’re willing to cover anything newsworthy.He doesn’t state it by name, but Lloyd appears miffed that football takes a front seat to other prep sports, and he was presumably reacting to the Post Independent devoting an entire special section to football.I’m sorry, Lloyd, but football is king in this country. Go to a Friday night football game just about anywhere in the United States and compare that crowd to what you’d see at your average soccer or volleyball contest. Football is, overwhelmingly, a bigger draw.That’s not to say a soccer or volleyball player works any less hard than a football player, but the popularity of football simply reigns supreme. Football also plays once a week, compared to the other sports that play two or three times a week.Our job is to market to our readership and, while we do our best to spread the ink amongst the different prep sports (and I think we spread it out fairly well), football might get a little more pub.Another thing to remember is that we try and cover all the high schools in Garfield County with some kind of sports coverage throughout each season. That’s five public high schools, and during the fall season sports include football, volleyball, boys soccer, boys golf, cross country and softball. Not to mention some of the outdoor and recreation sports – including the annual Tri-Glenwood Triathlon coming up on Sunday.So, King, I’m sorry that you have a bad case of tunnel vision.Contact Jeff Caspersen at or 384-9123.

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