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Local reaction to drug scandal in the Tour de France

• Alejo Dominguez, Carbondale cyclist and Porcupine Loop Bike Race Director:”It’s crazy that (Michael) Rasmussen and all these guys have to do all this stuff, but we as a society push them to do it and then reprimand them for doing it.”• Bernadette Julich, mother of Glenwood rider Bobby Julich – a nine-time Tour de France rider who took third in the race in 1998 and earned an Olympic bronze medal in the 2004 time trial:”It’s sickening. This is crazy. I am so glad Bobby is not there. … I really think he’ll retire because he is so sick of it. These guys are cheating and robbing all the others of their livelihoods and morale and reputation because of what they are doing. “Right now it is a joke. As of today, I am not watching the Tour any more. I’ll check in and see how the CSC riders do (Bobby’s team), but I am just so sick of it. “It’s all about the money. Guys have to have an edge over the other guys and it is very sad. It would not bother me so much as normal citizen, but since my family is affected by it, it really paints a bleak picture. I know about (doping in) football and baseball, but this is really hard on us. Bobby is really sad.” • Jeff Mozingo, Rifle resident who is a longtime competitor and volunteer head coach of Mesa State College’s club cycling team:”You know, I think it turns me off to the whole sport to be honest. I don’t think it’s just the pros. It probably goes down farther by now. A lot of us talk about it, some of us who still race locally. It makes you wonder if local guys are clean. I’ve never seen it, but I think it makes us suspicious of all of them the more and more it happens.”I guess we just need better testing. It seems like dopers are always ahead of the testing. I do think cycling gets a bad rap. I was thinking about it the other day. Cycling does some of the most intense kind of testing. You don’t really hear that about any other sports. Cycling’s probably setting the tempo for everyone else on what’s about to come.”I still follow (the Tour de France). I’ll probably always follow it, but now I’m always wondering who’s going to get caught.”• Jeff Nelson, Glenwood cyclist who has raced around the world and is the former director and coach for the Western Slope Junior Developmental Cycling Team:”That is part of the reason why I stopped working with the Junior Developmental Program. I don’t even follow the Tour de France anymore. It becomes the philosophical question of why do I want to train these kids and raise them just to turn them over to someone who will get them involved with doping. We coach kids that we know if they have to dope to turn pro, they won’t do it.”I have been riding for 22 years and I have known about doping for the last 15. I knew it was going on, I just don’t think we knew the depth of it. I knew it was going on when I was riding in France and Belgium and I knew I wasn’t doing it.When we coach riders, we don’t wish them to go pro. Right now that is just the way it is.”Read Bobby Julich’s reaction to doping on his diary on http://www.espn.com.

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