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Look to these guys for leagues needing Week 17 boost

The Pigskin Pundit
Special to the Post Independent

A gigantic sigh of relief is just days away as spouses and significant others prepare for life after fantasy football. Millions of fantasy widows will once again have their husbands, telephones and computers back at their disposal until next season or, at least, until the college draft rolls around.

The end is near and we all know it. It’s a sad, empty feeling but, we’ll survive.

Most leagues have adopted the approach of playing their Super Bowl in Week 16 to avoid the scenario in which good teams rest their great players. For those leagues that play their season through Week 17, there are several pitfalls to avoid.

The problem comes in figuring out just which team “needs” to win and which team’s postseason position is set in stone. Unfortunately, this will be an ongoing process throughout the weekend and no one will know for sure until all the games are complete.

Just as some players will get additional looks because their team has been eliminated, others will get more playing time because there is nothing more to be gained.

Teams such as St. Louis and New England have already clinched a first-round bye and will likely have homefield in the bag, so resting their studs is a real possibility. There are several scenarios that could play out this weekend so be cognizant of the matchups and set your lineup accordingly. Here are a few to consider.

Tom Brady (QB-Patriots) ” If New England jumps on top of the Bills early in Saturday’s contest, Coach Belichick may rest the only Patriot worthy of fantasy consideration instead of risking injury.

Priest Holmes (RB-Chiefs) ” Sitting Priest Holmes is rarely an option, but by the time the Chiefs play (Sunday-noon) they will know if homefield is even possible. If the Pats win, the Chiefs are stuck as the No. 2 seed, so saving Holmes for the playoffs would be the smart move.

Marshall Faulk (RB-Rams) ” St. Louis is the likely No. 1 seed in the NFC, especially considering they only have to beat the Lions to get there. After the game is in hand (probably roughly four minutes in) the Rams will turn to Lamar Gordon and Faulk will simply be a spectator.

Upon Further Review

This week’s twist comes from Trent in Sioux Falls, S.D. Trent’s league has 10 members of which 4 make the playoffs. The six teams eliminated from post season play have their own playoffs wherein the winner is rewarded with the first pick in next season’s draft. This keeps everyone interested and involved until the end and they avoid rewarding the guy that gave up early and thus ended with the worst record.

Thanks to Trent and all those that submitted questions, comments or suggestions throughout the season. See you next year.

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