Media can help ‘perception creation’ |

Media can help ‘perception creation’

the Pigskin Pundit
Special to the Post Independent

Some think that success in fantasy football is nothing more than dumb luck.

Draft a few good players, make a couple of advantageous trades with the “uninformed” and before anyone notices, you’re the league champion.

This is rarely the case.

Successful fantasy owners strategize weeks in advance of those “unexplainable” trades.

Perception is reality, but creating a perception is not entirely in the hands of the NFL players. As a fantasy owner, your role in “perception creation” can be enhanced by prime-time TV and overzealous announcers.

The key is to make confident predictions, hope they comes true, and let the announcers do the rest.

An prime candidate for this type of manipulation is Green Bay tight end Bubba Franks. Bubba’s been very disappointing this season, but not everyone has noticed.

Luckily, Franks’ next two games are in prime time which may give his owners the chance they’ve been waiting for to dump this dead weight, yet get something for him.

To pull this off, first identify and contact those with possible interest in Bubba. This could be a cheesehead or just someone in your league desperate to upgrade at tight end.

Next, strike up a conversation that brings Bubba into the mix, but assure your victim-to-be that you are resistant to a trade unless the price is right.

Then, invite him to, “watch Bubba this week against the Vikes and then next week vs. the Eagles.” Both are prime-time games so exposure will be high.

By making bold predictions and watching them come true, you will artificially create a higher value for him that will go through the roof if Joe Theisman or John Madden starts bragging him up. Before you know it, Bubba is in demand and you will be able to trade him for a position of need.

If your prediction fails and Bubba stinks it up, simply move on ” no one will remember in a couple days.

This is just one example of how successful fantasy owners tweak their teams over time. Every team has someone that fits the “Bubba” mode so check the schedule and see if you can use Monday Night Football to your advantage.

The quick slant

Last week saw a resurgence of the tight end position. Seldom used Itula Mili (Seahawks) and Daniel Graham (Patriots) had big games, while Mikhael Ricks (Lions) and Marcus Pollard (Colts) each found the end zone.

Few TEs produce big numbers on a regular basis, so your best bet is to go the slow and steady route and resist the temptation to jump from player to player.

Some exceptions to that rule may emerge this week. In the short term, TEs usually benefit the most from a quarterback change so look for Randy McMichael (Dolphins) and Billy Miller (Texans) to catch a few more balls if Brian Griese and Tony Banks are under center this week.

Keep an eye on the situation in Miami and Houston and grab these TEs if a QB change is imminent.

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