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Most improved football picker

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

Go with your gut.

It’s advice that got me through the SAT, countless college exams and this year’s Glenwood Springs Post Independent football picks.

Unfortunately, my gut was a little off the day I took the LSAT.

So much for becoming a copyright lawyer.

Following my intuition last fall and winter, I managed to blow the all-too embarrassing 76-77 record from 2007 out of the Colorado River. In 2008 I made the comeback of my short, but poignant, football-picks career by choosing 90 games right and 47 wrong. The feat left many ” sports reporter Jeff Caspersen, Chuck Stannard in advertising and my boyfriend Russ, to name a few ” shaking their heads in amazement.

“How does she do that thing she does?” they pondered.

Well, believe it or not boys, I checked the stats.

Payed attention to team records and rankings.

And relied on the teams I personally root for, such as my hometown team the Indianapolis Colts and Big Ten powerhouse Penn State (sorry, my beloved Purdue). Those teams didn’t always win, but there’s something to be said about not being a fair-weather fan ” even when dropping to second place was on the line, which I remind everyone never happened. The closest I came to losing my bragging rights was a tie one week with Caspersen. The only reason his picture ran ahead of mine was because of that darned alphabet.

That’s about the time I found out who was rooting for me. I enjoyed talking about the close race with Glenwood’s female faction who had my back. Complete strangers would mention it, along with Ron Milhorn’s wife, who knew how close he was to snatching away my title.

Maybe next year, Ron. Maybe next year.

Of course, there were also those who thought Russ might be picking the games for me. Hardly. I ski like a girl and pick football games that way, too.

Honestly, on many of the picks, I just went with my gut.

Maybe I should take my gut on a little celebratory weekend trip to Las Vegas. We could really go places. Or at least pay for a brand-new Mercedes.

I did a little Internet searching on the subject of intuition and apparently it really does work. A Leeds University researcher says gut feelings are the real deal and should be taken as serious as Tony Dungy’s facial expressions.

Especially the reactions from last week’s game.

On, the professor relayed a story of a Formula One driver who avoided crashing by quickly braking on a hairpin curve.

The driver didn’t know why he put on the brakes like I do on a black-diamond run. But the last-minute decision possibly saved his life. After a study of the incident, psychologists pointed to the demeanor of the crowd, which could see the crash ahead of him and was reacting to that, not his driving skills. He knew something was wrong before something was really wrong.

Sounds like my last relationship.

I would love to say I developed an uncanny knack for picking winning football teams because I knew they were all going to win even before they won. But that would just be too easy. And I might be burned at the stake because people will accuse me of being a witch. I don’t care if you’re Joan of Arc or Nostradamus, predicting those gut-wrenching, last-second upsets and players arrested on gun charges takes some serious intuition.

Whoever picked Texas Tech to upset Texas and the Chargers to beat the Colts might look into a career as a clairvoyant. Or maybe a bookie in Vegas.

All I know is I’ll be going with my gut a little more often in 2009.

Check out Page 11 for the final Glenwood Springs Post Independent football picks of the year.

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