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Go jogging with your doggy this weekend

Colleen O’Neil
K9 5K race director Beth Broome and her dogs Lola and Dewey.
Beth Broome / Provided |


What: 5K Run/Walk

When: Sunday, Sept. 13 at 9:30 a.m.

Where: Crown Mountain Park, El Jebel

How much: $15, cash or check

Benefiting: Helping Hoof and Paw

Dogs: encouraged (on leash)!

This weekend, get your paws over to the K-9 5K at Crown Mountain Park in El Jebel. This event, put on by Alpine Animal Hospital, is a fundraiser for Helping Hoof and Paw.

We caught up with Beth Broome, race director, veterinary technician and Ironman triathlete, to find out more about the race.

Post Independent: How long has this event been going on?

Beth Broome: We’ve been putting on the race for three years now.

PI: Are there prizes?

BB: We have some great prizes this year! We will be awarding the top male and female winners, as well as the top dog winner. We have some great prize donations, everything from a nights stay in Aspen, gift baskets from Osmia Organics and gift certificates to local restaurants and bars, Aloha Mountain Cyclery, Independence Run and Hike, and more. There are also a few dog-specific prizes.

PI: What is Helping Hoof and Paw?

BB: Alpine Animal Hospital developed the Helping Hoof and Paw fund as a way to help pet owners in need pay for emergency services for their pets. This fund is available to all types of animals, not just dogs and cats.

PI: Why is it important to exercise with your pets?

BB: Exercise is probably the single most important thing a pet owner can do for their pet. Exercise not only keeps animals in good fitness and physical health, but mental health as well, by allowing animals to expend energy through exercise it allows them to focus more when being trained, and helps them remain calm and non destructive when left alone. It’s also a great opportunity for pet owners to be able to bond with their pet by participating in exercise with them.

PI: What can you do if your dog doesn’t behave well on a leash?

BB: If you have a dog that doesn’t behave well on a leash, first of all don’t give up, take a deep breath, and stay calm. The last thing a worked-up dog needs is a worked-up owner. There are many trainers who would be willing to work with dog owners to teach them how to improve their leash skills, so I encourage owners with frustrations to seek professional help, because there are many methods to teaching good leash behavior.

PI: What kinds of safety issues should you think about when you run with your dog?

BB: Safety is always a concern when running with your dog. For instance, is your dog fit enough to be running the speed and distance you are going to run? Just like people, dogs need to ease into strenuous exercise. They should be slowly introduced to forced running by starting small, and gaining fitness. Keep an eye on your dog as you are introducing running, and make sure that they are not getting sore following activity.

In regard to safety, I think it is also very important to talk about leash laws. There are leash laws in all the towns in this valley, and they have been put in place for everyone’s safety, dogs and people alike. Leash laws keep dogs from crossing streets, running in front of cars, chasing bicyclists and also meeting other dogs that might be unfriendly. So when running through public areas with your dog it is so very important to abide by these laws to keep everyone safe.

PI: Can you bring other pets to the race?

BB: Pets are encouraged to come to the race on Sunday! We will be enforcing a leash law for all dogs participating. We are also hoping to have some lender dogs from local shelters for non-dog-owners to run.


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