Identifying flowers is extremely easy with Rockies Alpine Flower Finder |

Identifying flowers is extremely easy with Rockies Alpine Flower Finder

Renata Caviglia

Rockies AlpineFlower Finder – a remarkable new mobile field guide Swiss made – The whole family will enjoy this informative and easy to use app.

Hiking and camping trips are both quintessential American summer getaways. Despite the fact that these activities are hugely popular, many still find themselves unprepared when spotting a magnificent field of wildflowers and wonder: What are these gorgeous blooms?

Thankfully, Renata Caviglia has solved our wildflower woes with her remarkable new app Rockies AlpineFlower Finder, a very easy to use and comprehensive mobile field guide, for experts and beginners alike.

A few features of Rockies AlpineFlower Finder:

No internet connection required!

Easy identifying flowers by color and their characteristics, single or in combination.

A fun and educational way to learn the names of alpine flowers: the built-in educational game teaches you the botanical and English flower names.

Adding field data, notes and pictures during your hikes and create your very own list of favorites.

Informative: The app provides you with the flower’s name in English, French, German and scientific, the most important botanical data and information about flowering period, location and habitat, and a brief description.

Clearly arranged: The flower-catalog can be sorted by name, family or genus.

What’s the name of this flower?

Even if the flower is familiar, the name might not be. Other times, we see the plant and wish we’d brought along a wildflower guide or a notebook and pencil to sketch it for later identification. Some adventurers may have their phone to take a picture, but will forget to follow up later and research the beautiful find.

Keen walker and photographer

As a native of Lucerne, Switzerland, Caviglia grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Swiss Alps. After years and years of photographing wildflowers of the Alps, she amassed a large collection of flora images. That’s when she had the idea to make her photos available to others so they could easily identify any flower they came across on their hikes. Her first app‚ AlpineFlower Finder Europe’ was born in December 2012 and was short-listed on the Best of Swiss Apps 2013.

Interested in wildflowers from other parts of the world, Caviglia hiked during the summer 2015 through the Rocky Mountains exploring the native alpine wildflowers in this new region. After returning home, Caviglia developed her second app, the Rockies AlpineFlower Finder.

Identifying flowers is extremely easy with the app Rockies AlpineFlower Finder. Flowers can be searched by their characteristics, single or in combination. Ways to search include flower color, flower composition, leaf shape and flowering period or by text searching. This app does more than merely identify wildflowers; it also provides the user with the flower’s name in English, French and German, scientific data and classification, flower and leaf composition, size, seasonal flowering period, location and habitat, and a brief description. Along with this helpful information, the app provides vibrant pictures of the alpine wildflowers and their surroundings.

Adding field data

One of the amazing features of Rockies AlpineFlower Finder is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to work, something anyone who has hiked outside of internet coverage will appreciate. It also allows users to create their very own list of favorites, adding field notes and pictures during their hikes.

A fun and educational way to learn the names of alpine flowers

For younger users (or the young at heart), the built-in, educational game teaches the botanical and English common names of alpine flowers. Every time a flower receives a correct answer, it goes down in priority, while the others come up more frequently. This helps app users systematically learn the names of the alpine flowers.

More facts about the app Rockies AlpineFlower Finder

The app Rockies AlpineFlower Finder is reliable, user-friendly, and easy to understand regardless of your prior knowledge of wildflowers. The first version already contains over 580 full screen pictures of 156 wildflowers and their most important botanical information. This first version will be updated with additional flowers and pictures.

This app by web designer and photographer Renata Caviglia from Lucerne, Switzerland does more than merely identify wildflowers. Lovingly designed down to the smallest detail, with vibrant pictures of alpine wildflowers and their surroundings, Rockies AlpineFlower Finder is a miniature work of art. The whole family will be able to enjoy this informative and extremely easy to use app.

Rockies AlpineFlower Finder is available in English and German.

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