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Locasl Fishing Report

Fryingpan River

Flow/clarity: 118, gin clear

Short and Sweet: The Fryingpan has been pretty quiet-people wise, because of everyone fishing drakes on the Roaring Fork, so there are plenty of spots available out there for anglers. There are many different bugs hatching on the Pan this week, with some differences between the lower and upper river. PMDs are the main fare, with robust emergences happening midday from mile 10 on down to the bottom, with the spinner falls happening late in the evening and lasting until 10 or 11 a.m. the following day. BWOs are still popping, too. Most are a light gray and are hatching midday river-wide. We are seeing good numbers of stoneflies all over the river, with the best numbers being down low. Caddis are heavy in the lower river, with increasing numbers being seen up high now as well. As a general guideline, BWOs and midges up top, PMDs, caddis and stones down low. Bring streamers for late afternoons, focus on smaller patterns in olive and black.

Hot Flies: Sparkledun PMD 16-18, Film Critic PMD 16, Sprout Midge 22-24, BDE BWO 18-22, Perfect Baetis 20-22, H and L Variant 12-16, Garcia’s Mini Hot 16, Peacock Caddis18, Parachute Adams 16-24, Roy’s Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Cat Poop Stone 8, Split Case PMD 18, PMD Halfback 16-18, Juju Baetis 18-22, RIP Midge Larvae 22-24, Tim’s TC Mysis 16-18, Will’s Epoxy Mysis, 20-Incher 12-14, San Juan Worm 10, Slumpbuster 6-8, Sculpzilla 6

Roaring Fork River

Flow/clarity: 356 in Aspen, clear; 1090 in Glenwood, stained with 3 feet of visibility

Short and Sweet: The Fork is dropping at a fast rate this week, and the fishing is off the charts. The drakes are getting underway on the lower river, with the best numbers being seen between Westbank and Carbondale at the moment. Be on the water late to fish the drakes, the lightning round starts around 830 p.m. Caddis are thick as thieves up and down the valley. There is good dry-fly fishing midday and later during the lightning round. Golden Stones, yellow sallies, PMDs and BWOs are going strong, too. This week you just can’t miss. The streamer bite has fallen off a bit as of late, this will improve when flows stabilize to summer levels. Floating this river is optimal, although wading spots are plentiful up and down the valley.

Hot Flies: BDE Green Drake 10-12, H and L Variant 10-12, Royal Wulff 10-12, PMD Sparkledun 16-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 12-18, EC Caddis 16-18, In the Zone Stone 6, Rogue Foam Stone 6, Collett’s BWO Adult 18-20, Split Case PMD 16, Red Copper John 16, PMD Halfback 16-18, Cat Poop Stone 6-8, 20 Incher 12-14, Gray RS2 18-20, Prince 16-18, Swiss Straw Emerger 16, Stott’s Sacrilege 6, Gallup’s Peanut 6

Crystal River

Flow/clarity: 339 in Carbondale, stained with a few feet of visibility in town. Clearer the farther up you go…

Short and Sweet: The Crystal is shaping up quite well this week also. The flow is a bit high near Carbondale, but the farther up 133 you drive, the better it gets. Caddis, stones, sallies, PMDs and BWOs are still doing their thing, especially later in the day. Stick to traditional nymphs and dries, these fish aren’t especially picky right now. Near Redstone and the RVR are places to check out, skip the Staircase this week.

Hot Flies: Stimulator 12-16, Elk Hair Caddis 16-18, Parachute Adams 14-18, Prince Nymph 16-18, Pheasant Tail 16-18, Copper John 16, Wooly Bugger 6-8

Colorado River

Flow/clarity: 2460 in Glenwood, stained with 3 feet of visibility.

Short and Sweet: Swarms of yellow Sallies are being seen on the Colorado — it is best fishing early and late in the day. The Collie is back on track again, and the floats over the last weeks have been excellent. The drakes have made the big left turn and have headed up the Roaring Fork, but you will still see decent numbers right before dark. The main bugs to pay attention to are yellow sallies, golden stones, PMDs and caddis at this point. The sallies have been hatching heavily midday, with tons of caddis all afternoon until dark. Fish have transitioned from the edges into the center line of the river at this point, it pays to get your rigs heavy and down the middle.

Hot Flies: Cat Poop Stone 6-8, 20 Incher 10-14, San Juan Worm 10, Prince Nymph 14-18, Swiss Straw Emerger 16, PMD Halfback 16-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 12-18, H and L Variant 10-12, Stimulator 12-16, BDE Drake 10-12, Sands’ Stingin’ Sculpin 8, Space Invader 6

— This report is provided every week by Taylor Creek Fly Shops in Aspen and Basalt. Taylor Creek can be reached at (970) 927-4374 or taylorcreek.com.

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