Predictions for the postseason |

Predictions for the postseason

Bringing it homeJoelle MilholmGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

With 45 days remaining until the baseball playoffs arrive, things are starting to get interesting in baseball.Every single division there for the taking and Wild Cards up for grabs, every series and every game matters from here on out.Therefore, I believe it is prediction time. Yeah, it’s kinda cheating doing it now instead of at the beginning of the season, but with the Red Sox having the biggest division lead at five and a half games going into Friday’s contest, things aren’t much more spread out than when the season started.So here’s what I am thinking:National League East: Mets.Not a hard one since they are already in first, but I don’t see the Phillies or Braves having strong enough bats to overcome New York. Plus, I am still rooting for anyone but Atlanta after it dominated for so many years.NL Central: Cubs.Well, sure this pick is based on bias, as I love the Cubs. It does have strong backing, however, as the Cubs inked Carlos Zambrano to a 5-year, $91.5 million deal on Friday. Milwaukee has been plummeting since a few weeks before the all-star break and while the Cardinals’ current hot streak is worrisome, I don’t think it will last. NL West: Diamondbacks. Padres.The West is a strong division, but the Padres have more pitching and better managing and that’s what it comes down to in the trying-to-make-the-playoffs stretch. I think they are better than Arizona and with the Giants already looking ahead to next season and the Dodgers hitting as well as a blindfolded 4-year-old swinging at a 10-foot-tall piñata, the Diamondbacks and Rockies are the only ones left to worry about.NL Wild Card: Diamondbacks. Sorry Rockies, but you’ll blow it and you know it. I hope I am wrong and if the Rockies do make the playoffs, I’ll write another column about how wrong I was and how wonderful they are. The Diamondbacks will get into the playoffs a few games ahead of the Rockies.American League East: Red Sox.Yeah everyone says the Yankees will come charging back and the Sox will plummet, but I’m not seeing it. Besides, I can’t root for the Yankees ever. Not ever.AL Central: Indians.Man, Detriot has really started playing more like new born kittens than Tigers. That’s why I am putting my money on the Indians.AL West: Angels.The Mariner-Angel battle is going to be close and maybe even come down to the four-day series between the teams Sept. 20-23. The Angels are on top right now and they’ll stay there.AL Wild Card: Mariners.Seattle may not take the division, but it isn’t going to miss out on the playoffs. The Tigers will keep sucking and not even the Rocket will be able to make the Yankees take off.Just for kicks, I am throwing in my World Series prediction, knowing full well that, with so many teams playing near the same level, anything could happen. Here goes: Cubs vs. Red Sox in a historic series that will leave the Cubs entering their 100th year without a championship when they show up for spring training next year.Contact Joelle Milholm at 384-9124 or

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