Pretend you’re the Broncos’ GM; what’s your draft strategy? |

Pretend you’re the Broncos’ GM; what’s your draft strategy?

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

OK, I’m the Broncos’ GM ” this is a fantasy, right?

So I draft Randy Gradishar, Dennis Smith, Karl Mecklenburg … you get the picture: defense, defense, defense. Nobody wins in the NFL without defense …

Remember, the Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer (who would have been my pick to replace John Madden ” he’s the best analyst no one knows) at QB.

And it’s possible to get good defensive players no matter where the picks are … stay away from the Name School All-Americans, get some good guys who are tough from small schools you never heard of ” instead of feeling entitled, they’ll be glad to fulfill a dream job and play hard to keep it.

Enough of the Baby Jays of the football world.

If I was the Denver Broncos’ GM, I would make the seemingly obvious choice that most general managers overlook year after year.

That foolproof strategy is: Take the best player available.

I simply don’t understand why GMs don’t do this. If you already have a good player at that position, then you can trade your draft choice for an equally good player. It works in Madden! Why shouldn’t it work in real life?

If more GMs did this, maybe the world wouldn’t be a better place, but the NFL would be.

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