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Q&A with Demon football player Conner Pawlak

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Connor Pawlak- OG

Year in school: Junior.Position: Offensive lineman.How long have you been playing football? Eight years, probably. I started here. We moved here from Vail, and I started playing here the next year.So youre originally from Vail? Yeah, we lived in Vail. Then my mom moved over here, so So whats your favorite thing to do in Glenwood Springs? Hang out and have fun. Relax and stuff.Whos your favorite football player? John Lynch before he retired. Whats your favorite pro sports team? Probably the Broncos. Do you play any other sports besides football? I play hockey and lacrosse also.Whats your favorite? It tends to be whichever season Im in.If you could play one game on any pro or college field, which one would you pick? Folsom Field (the University of Colorados home football field).So you like CU then? I love CU. Thats where I want to try to go.Have you always been an offensive lineman? Yeah. In pee-wee I always got the big red stripe down the helmet.Have you always been one of the biggest kids your age? Yeah, Ive always been the biggest kid in my class or next biggest.How tall are you? 6-3.What do you like best about the football team? Just the camaraderie. Everybodys a good friend of each other. We all joke around with everybody. We all have fun.What big sporting event would you most want to go to, like the Super Bowl or the World Series or something like that? The Super Bowl.Whats your favorite holiday? Probably a cross between Christmas and Thanksgiving.What do you like best about the holidays? Just being with family.Whats your favorite Thanksgiving food? Either cranberry sauce or turkey.Whats been your favorite part of your guys playoff run? The entire experience has been the coolest thing. Its kind of been surreal in a sense. Its weird kind of looking on the outside and seeing what everyone else thinks of it.Has the community been pretty supportive? Yeah. Everywhere I go, its always Do good on Saturday.Note: In the days preceding Glenwood Springs High Schools state title football game, the Post Independent will be conducting question-and-answer sessions with various Demon players.

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