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Q&A with Demon golfer Michelle stripp

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Year in school: Senior.Whats your favorite sport besides golf? Cross country. I like to run.What do you like best about golf? I like how its an individual sport, yet a team sport at the same time. Youre like in control of yourself. Nobody else controls what you do.In what ways do the team aspects come out? Just like support. Even if youre doing bad, someone is still pushing you to do better, which helps.So do you have any good summer trips planned? No. Just work.Do you know where youre going to college? Mesa State.Are you going to play golf there? Yep. Did you always want to play golf in college? Yeah, for a good team. Mesa States a good team.Whats your favorite Western Slope course? Lakota Canyon.What do you like about it? How everything filters to the middle, and the greens are big and flat.Have you ever had a hole-in-one there? No. Close, but no hole-in-ones yet.If you could play a round of golf with anyone, who would it be? Tiger Woods. I want to get inside his head, see how he thinks.What would you ask him? About putting. His game. Hes an amazing putter. I could definitely learn a lot from him.If you could play any course, anywhere, where would you want to play? One in Hawaii. Just any course in Hawaii. I dont care.Whats your favorite subject in school? Math. Im good with numbers. Math and P.E., but that doesnt really count. Do you know what youre going to major in yet? Business management. Hopefully, Im going to go into hotel and lodging management. Wheres your ideal place to manage a hotel? California. Laguna Beach.Then you could golf all year? Yep. Thats my dream.How long have you been golfing? Since I was like 10, so a while.Howd you get into golf? My dad. Did you like it right away? Um, I dont really remember. Im pretty sure. I started tournaments once I learned how to play golf. I started playing in the Soda Pop Open at The Hill.When did you start to get the hang of the sport? Like the seventh grade. I started winning Soda Pop Opens and was getting bumped up to the older levels of competition. Then I was excited for high school, until I got there.Whats your proudest moment of high school golf? Winning regionals as a team a second year in a row. That was the best feeling.So what mountain do you like better, Pikes Peak or Sopris? Sopris. Ive got to stick with my hometown.Do you have any hobbies outside of sports? I like to collect quarters. State quarters. How far along are you on that? All the way. As far as its gone.Do you have any advice for a young golfer just starting out? Dont give up. Just keep playing. Thats what I tell myself each and every day.

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