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Q&A with … Glenwood Springs High School Golfers at State

Compiled by Jeff CaspersenGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Class: Senior.Favorite professional golfer: Tiger Woods or Lorena Ochoa.Favorite golf course: Aspen Glen.Other sports played: Used to play basketball.When did you start playing golf? “I took golf lessons when I was 4 and started playing tournaments when I was 8.”What got you into golf? “I just like the game, and my dad plays all the time. It’s a good way for us to hang out.”First course ever played: The Hill.Where are you going to college? “I might go to CSU (Colorado State University), or Southern Arkansas University to play golf.”What are you going to major in? “Veterinary medicine.”Goal for Day 2 of state: “To get myself focused and have fun.”

Class: Junior.Favorite golfer: “Natalie Gulbis, and my great-grandma and I like Tiger Woods.”Favorite golf course: Devil’s Thumb Golf Club (Delta).Other sports played: Basketball.How did you get into golf? “My mom told me I had to pick a sport to play, and I don’t like to run, so I picked golf?”What’s your favorite sport to play? “I’d have to choose golf because it’s just about me. I don’t have to worry about other players getting mad at me.”What kind of clubs do you have? “King Cobras. I got them for Christmas.”What’s your favorite club to hit with? “My irons. I just feel more confident with them.”

Class: Junior.Other sports played: Cross country.Favorite golfer: Vijay Singh.Favorite course: “I like Lakota (Canyon), and also the Hill.”How long have you been playing golf? “For about 10 years. My dad’s a good golfer. My whole family plays golf, too.”What’s the first course you played at? The Hill.What kind of clubs do you have? Mizunos.

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