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Q&A with Rifle High School wrestler Kiefer Deere

Jeff CaspersenGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Year in school: Senior.How long have you been wrestling? Since I was like 4 years old. Howd you get into wrestling? I was just, my brother started wrestling in middle school and just kind of got me into it. How many brothers do you have? Ive got one brother, hes the (112)-pounder for us. And Ive got an older brother who graduated a few years ago. What are their names? Kalvin and Keaton.Do you all wrestle? We all wrestle, yeah.Whos which? Keatons the younger one.Did you and your brothers fight a lot as younger kids? Actually, we did. We had fistfights, too. We used to have wrestling matches in the living room. Thats what made us tough. So whats the story behind the hair (see picture)? I just had a dream about it one night, and I just decided to dye it. It looked cool in the dream.When did you do that? About a week ago.Whats your favorite sport? I dont know. Its between football and wrestling. Probably wrestling, actually. We have more fun. I just like it more. How long have you played football? Ive played football my whole life, too, since kindergarten.Whos your favorite wrestler? Probably Dan Gable.What about a favorite football player? Probably Lawrence Taylor. Thats going old school. How did you learn about him? I play linebacker, and hes physical and thats what I like. My dad introduced me to him, and I watched some of the clips.Do you have a favorite sports team? The Broncos.Whos your favorite Bronco? Ah, I dont know. I dont know. Probably, of all-time, John Elway. This year, I dont know.If you could win a state championship in wrestling or football, which would you pick? I dont know. Thats hard. Probably right now Id pick wrestling. At the beginning, it probably would have been football.Whats your favorite part about the wrestling team? I think how close we are. We joke around and when its time to be serious, were serious. We do everything together.Whats your favorite subject in school? Probably math.Why math? It just comes to me easy. Always a definite answer.Where are you going to college? Im going to Texas Tech, hopefully. What are you going to major in? I want to go pre-med. I want to go to medical school. Are you going to play any sports there? I want to try to walk on the football team.What interests you in Texas Tech? Ive always liked Texas Tech, since I was little. My dads from Texas. His whole side of the familys from over there.Did you grow up in Colorado? Yeah. For the most part. Spent some time in Texas, but not that much.Where in Texas? Down by Lubbock.

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