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Share your fantasies

Casper's CornerJeff CaspersenGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Jeff Caspersen

It’s that time of year.By now, you’ve been pestered to join a league – or three. Or maybe you’ve been the one doing the nagging.You’re scrounging up loose change to cover entry fees.You’re already scouting who’s doing what in training camp and plotting your draft strategy.You’re checking and double-checking teams’ depth charts and charting positional battles.You’re channeling your inner Miss Cleo to unearth this year’s sleepers.By now, you’ve probably figured where I’m going with this.That’s right: It’s fantasy football season, and surely you or a loved one is caught in the phenomenon’s addictive web. What I want to know are your fantasy football habits.Are you and your pals high rollers with big money going to your league’s champ?Do your leagues have any odd or interesting draft rituals? In this day and age of computers and the Internet, infrequent are those who gather in person to draft. I’d like to know if anyone out there still does it this way.Are you one of those folks who juggle like eight leagues at one time? My personal high is five, and never again will I go that high.Do you have any quirky game-day rituals or routines worth noting?Do you participate in a league that gives out a funky trophy – such as a faux Super Bowl trophy or something equally ridiculous – at season’s end?On a side note, there actually are websites that peddle fantasy-football specific trophies ( is one worth visiting, for a laugh if nothing else).Back on track: I want to hear from you about your fantasy-football idiosyncrasies. Or, by all means, feel free to tattle on a relative, husband, wife, friend or pet.Send in your stories to jcaspersen@postindependent. com. I look forward to hearing from you. Now get back to scouring depth charts and preparing your draft cheat sheets.Contact Jeff Caspersen:

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