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My sports wish list would have to start with the Cowboys losing home-field advantage during the playoffs. I would love to see the Cowboys play the Packers in Lambeau Field. Number two, it would be great to see the Packers make it to the Super Bowl. Finally, number one on my wish list is to see the Patriots lose in their first playoff game and take that smile off of Tom Brady’s face. I think the majority of people have that on their wish list.

1) That I have really good fantasy baseball drafts this spring, and am at least in the hunt all season long, and maybe can win a few bucks and avoid the acrimony that somehow always seems to seep into fantasy baseball leagues.

2) No major strikes.

3) That our new son Hank (9 months) appreciates the 10,000 baseball cards that are waiting for him as soon as he learns that he’s not supposed to eat them.

My first wish is to see the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and MWC (Mountain West Conference) be successful in their bowl games.

I’m tired of all the sportscasters knocking them as extremely weak conferences.

If you look at their bowl record last year and their performance outside the conference you would find that they’re not that far behind the so-called tough conferences.

In fact, I would venture to say they are very close to the Big Ten, Big East and ACC, which have been fairly weak the last couple of years.

My second wish, and it’s only a wish, is that CHSAA would take a serious look at reformatting the classifications. Currently in baseball there are 69 teams in 4A, 63 in 5A, 60 in 3A, 45 in 2A, and 40 in 1A.

They need to even it out. In my 12 years of coaching baseball only four teams with an enrollment under 1,000 have ever made it to the final eight in baseball.

Cherokee Trail, last year’s state champion, will still be 4A one more year with an enrollment of 1,926 students this year.

It hardly seems fair for Western Slope schools like ours whose current enrollment is 580 to compete with a school more than three times our size.

Finally ” Go Chargers!

The Rockies winning the World Series, for me, would be on my holiday wish list. They did a great job this past year, passing all expectations, and the real goal will be if they can build off of this success.

I feel it would do baseball and also more importantly the Rocky Mountain region some good in bringing recognition to an organization that has built itself back up via the farm system, and help showcase Denver, during the summer, rather than a snowstorm via a Broncos’ game.

Tony Romo breaking up with Jessica Simpson on New Year’s Eve, Jimmie Johnson winning a third Nextel Cup, and the Glenwood Springs Middle School eighth-grade girls basketball team winning the PEG League Championship.

No more space under the tree: how about a ‘white elephant’ exchange? For the first Dodger playoff series win since Orel in ’88, no more mention of pro athletes’ salaries or agents.

We don’t hear ad nauseam how much a best-selling author makes when his or her book is made into a movie, nor what the stars of ‘Here Comes the Same Movie Again, VI’ get paid ” why are we so obsessed with sports stars’ salaries? Banned from the airwaves and print media, OK?

Next: when a college coach’s school goes on probation, if he goes to another college, that school gets the same penalty for hiring him and the players from the previous school are permitted to go elsewhere if they weren’t involved in the infractions. And the guilty coach isn’t allowed to go pro for the length of the sanctions.

I know … the ACLU or somebody will protest … HEY! While we’re making Christmas wishes …

It’s that magical time of year again, a time when fantasy football players weep at the end of their season, college football teams wait over a month to play in the Roto-Rooter Toilet Bowl or something like that, and fans all over make Christmas wishes for their teams.

I’ll share my Christmas wishes for sports over the next year, but I’m worried if I tell the readers, they won’t come true. Oh well, it can be our little secret.

First, I wish for another run at a state title for the Grand Valley basketball team. I also hope the Lady Cardinals can join the boys in Pueblo to bring home a pair of golden basketballs. Last year’s trophy is lonely and needs some friends in its case.

Second, I want the Denver Broncos to return to dominance next season. They can do this by returning to a 3-4 defense, wearing orange uniforms, and drafting quality defenders.

Lastly, I wish for world peace. All wish lists have to have world peace or the author seems selfish. So just like Miss America, I wish for world peace and everyone’s wishes to come true next year, except for the wishes of Raider, Charger, and Chiefs fans of course.

The three things that would bring the most joy to my holiday would be a long-term jail sentence for Barry Bonds and a lifetime ban from baseball, Brett Favre winning the Super Bowl one last time to cap off an amazing career (now that the Broncos aren’t in the running) and to have a time machine so I could go back to that fateful Nov. 25 game and rewrite history so the Broncos never would have lost to the Bears and I never would have a lost a bet that ended with me wearing a horrendous Oakland Raiders T-shirt.

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