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Sports Spotlight

Editors note: Area Little Leaguers are about to start All-Star play. Hence, this weeks Sports Spotlight features a few members of Three Rivers Little Leagues 11- and 12-year-old All-Star team.

Age: 12.Regular season team: Glenwood Springs Reds.Year in school: Going to be an eighth-grader at Riverside Middle School.Who’s your favorite baseball player?I don’t really have one, probably Babe Ruth or Reggie Jackson. The old-timers. Guys now slack more than they used to.Have you been an All-Star before?Two times. This is my third.How long have you played baseball?As long as I can remember.What positions do you play?

Catcher, third base and outfield.What’s your favorite?Third base. You get a lot of balls hit to you. What’s your favorite subject in school?Does P.E. count?What’s your favorite movie? “Talladega Nights.”What’s your favorite line from “Talladega Nights”?A lot of ’em. There’s not one that sticks out.What’s your favorite thing about baseball?Just getting to play. Hanging out with my buddies, playing ball.

Age: 12.Regular season team: Glenwood Springs A’s.Year in school: Going to be an eighth-grader at Glenwood Springs Middle School.What position do you play?Second base and shortstop.What’s your favorite? Shortstop, because I’m good at it. I’ve always played shortstop.Who’s your favorite player?Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, because they field the ball good and they play for the Yankees.

What do you want to be when you grow up?A baseball player.What’s your favorite kind of music?Rap.Do you have a favorite rapper?No.What’s your favorite movie? “The Sandlot.”How far do you expect this team to go?Halfway or all the way.

Age: 11.Regular season team: Carbondale Cubs.Year in school: Going to be a sixth-grader at Carbondale Middle School.Who’s your favorite baseball player?Manny Ramirez, because I like the Red Sox. He’s a cleanup hitter, kind of like how I am.What’s your favorite thing about baseball?Mainly I like playing catcher and shortstop, and hitting I guess. Wherever there’s a lot of action. What’s your favorite part about catching? I just like to throw people out.How far do you think this team can go?It depends on if we want to play as hard as we can. I think we can go pretty far. We’ve got to really try and be ready to play.What kinds of things do you have to know to be a catcher?You have to know how much a pitcher’s offspeed pitch breaks, what pitches pitchers have, if they can throw accurate. You have to have fast reflexes. If the ball is thrown in the dirt, you have to get on your knees and catch it. You have to have a good, strong arm.

Age: 12. Regular season team: Basalt Astros.Year in school: Going to be a seventh-grader at Basalt Middle School.How long have you been playing baseball? I’ve been playing my whole life.Who’s your favorite baseball player?

Justin Verlander. I’m a pitcher. I like him because of the way he throws hard. He has a certain kind of windup, how he releases the ball. He has good breaking balls.Are you a Detroit Tigers fan? I like the Tigers, too, but I’m a big fan of Boston.What positions do you play?Pitcher, first base and left field.What’s your favorite subject in school? Probably math.What do you want to be when you grow up?Definitely a baseball player. But I also act.Sports Spotlight is a biweekly feature of the Post Independent. Have an idea for a good Sports Spotlight subject? E-mail or call 384-9125.

Sports Spotlight is an occasional feature of the Post Independent. Have an idea for a good Sports Spotlight subject? E-mail or call 384-9125.

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