Stick with proven players for playoffs |

Stick with proven players for playoffs

The Pigskin Pundit
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We’ve all been there. The sleepless nights. The constant box score scanning in search of the latest trend. The back-and-forth roster moves created by the uncertainty of fantasy football playoff action.

In short, it’s paralysis by analysis ” a common problem. Those new to fantasy football tend to overthink the whole roster setting process, especially as the playoffs approach.

Experience eventually teaches us to just sit back and remember the meaning behind that old phrase, “Dance with the one that brung ya.”

Unless your roster is stacked beyond belief, the general rule of starting the best player available should prevail. Trouble comes when jittery owners jump from the steady veteran to the flavor of the day.

Occasionally, you can buck the trend and get away with it, but there needs to be a method to the madness and not just a hunch.

It’s tempting to play a running back like Chicago’s Brock Forsey following last week’s performance, but success in the NFL can be short-lived. Instead, go the safe route of a steady, if not exciting player. Every now and then you end up regretting your inaction, but in general, staying the course that got you to the playoffs is the surest path to prosperity.

Ask the Pundit

Pundit: My league allows us to play three wide receivers per week, and my constants are Randy Moss of the Vikings and Hines Ward of the Steelers. I’ve been playing Eddie Kennison of the Chiefs as my third most of the year, but recently added Marcus Robinson of the Ravens after his breakout week against the Seahawks. Robinson had a good game last week against the 49ers, and now I’m starting to question my decision to stick with Kennison. Eddie has been steady but certainly does not carry my team at the WR position.

Should I switch gears and go with Robinson or stick with Kennison?

” Ruda-man: Long Prairie, Minn.

Ruda: Based on the above, my obvious answer is to stick with Steady Eddie. But remember, there can be an exception to the rule, provided there is a logical explanation. In this case, first explore the basis of Robinson’s resurgence.

Baltimore’s QB for the remainder of the season will be Anthony Wright and he seems to be locked in on Robinson. It’s no fluke. This relationship can be traced back to their college days together at South Carolina and it appears they are picking up where they left off.

With Moss and Ward being the heart of your receiving corps, you can afford to take a flyer on your third receiver, and Robinson’s ability to explode makes him very attractive. With Holmes taking the scoring opportunities from Kennison in KC, I suggest taking a chance on Robinson because, when you truly examine it, he may not be such a fluke after all.

” The Pigskin Pundit

Extra Point

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing unique features of various fantasy football leagues. If your league has an interesting component that you would like to share, send it in for all to see.

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