Super Bowl Facts & Figures |

Super Bowl Facts & Figures

Super Bowl XLIII is Sunday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla. Want to get up to speed on the history of the big game? Here’s a handy cheat sheet with everything you’d ever want to know about the Super Bowl, from each year’s winner to the cost of airing a commercial.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and the crew from Flight 1549 will be honored by the NFL before the Super Bowl. Sullenberger, co-pilot Jeffrey B. Skiles and flight attendants Doreen Walsh, Sheila Dail and Donna Dent will be recognized before the start of Sunday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers.Sullenberger was praised as a hero for a deft landing Jan. 15 on the Hudson River after both the plane’s engines were disabled following a collision with a flock of birds. All 155 passengers and crew members were rescued.Also being honored is Gen. David Petraeus, who heads the U.S. Central Command.Petraeus will be part of the coin toss ceremony, which also include past Super Bowls greats Lynn Swann, Roger Craig and John Elway.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.Predict which playlist Springsteen might choose on The choices are:Playlist A: Glory Days, My Lucky Day, Badlands, Born to RunPlaylist B: Born to Run, Rosalita, Working on a Dream, The RisingPlaylist C: The Rising, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Working on a Dream, Hungry HeartPlaylist D: Born in the USA, Thunder Road, Rosalita, My Lucky DayPlaylist E: Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark, Radio Nowhere, The RisingPlaylist F: Rosalita, The Wrestler, Glory Days, Born to RunPlaylist G: Glory Days, Born to Run, The Rising, Working on a Dream

According to, When Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner face off, it will mark the first time in 25 years that the Super Bowl will feature two starting quarterbacks who have previously won championships.

2008N.Y. Giants (NFC) 17, New England (AFC) 142007Indianapolis (AFC) 29, Chicago (NFC) 172006Pittsburgh (AFC) 21, Seattle (NFC) 102005New England (AFC) 24, Philadelphia (NFC) 212004New England (AFC) 32, Carolina (NFC) 292003Tampa Bay (NFC) 48, Oakland (AFC) 212002New England (AFC) 20, St. Louis (NFC) 172001Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34, N.Y. Giants (NFC) 72000St. Louis (NFC) 23, Tennessee (AFC) 161999Denver (AFC) 34, Atlanta (NFC) 191998Denver (AFC) 31, Green Bay (NFC) 241997Green Bay (NFC) 35, New England (AFC) 211996Dallas (NFC) 27, Pittsburgh (AFC) 171995San Francisco (NFC) 49, San Diego (AFC) 261994Dallas (NFC) 30, Buffalo (AFC) 131993Dallas (NFC) 52, Buffalo (AFC) 171992Washington (NFC) 37, Buffalo (AFC) 241991N.Y. Giants (NFC) 20, Buffalo (AFC) 191990San Francisco (NFC) 55, Denver (AFC) 101989San Francisco (NFC) 20, Cincinnati (AFC) 161988Washington (NFC) 42, Denver (AFC) 101987N.Y. Giants (NFC) 39, Denver (AFC) 201986Chicago (NFC) 46, New England (AFC) 101985San Francisco (NFC) 38, Miami (AFC) 161984L.A. Raiders (AFC) 38, Washington (NFC) 91983Washington (NFC) 27, Miami (AFC) 171982San Francisco (NFC) 26, Cincinnati (AFC) 211981Oakland (AFC) 27, Philadelphia (NFC) 101980Pittsburgh (AFC) 31, L.A. Rams (NFC) 191979Pittsburgh (AFC) 35, Dallas (NFC) 311978Dallas (NFC) 27, Denver (AFC) 101977Oakland (AFC) 32, Minnesota (NFC) 141976Pittsburgh (AFC) 21, Dallas (NFC) 171975Pittsburgh (AFC) 16, Minnesota (NFC) 61974Miami (AFC) 24, Minnesota (NFC) 71973Miami (AFC) 14, Washington (NFC) 71972Dallas (NFC) 24, Miami (AFC) 31971Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16, Dallas (NFC) 131970Kansas City (AFL) 23, Minnesota (NFL) 71969N.Y. Jets (AFL) 16, Baltimore Colts (NFL) 71968Green Bay (NFL) 33, Oakland (AFL) 141967Green Bay (NFL) 35, Kansas City (AFL) 10

2008Eli Manning, QB, N.Y. Giants2007Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis2006Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh2005Deion Branch, WR, New England2004Tom Brady, QB, New England2003Dexter Jackson, FS, Tampa Bay2002Tom Brady, QB, New England2001Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore2000Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis1999John Elway, QB, Denver1998Terrell Davis, RB, Denver1997Desmond Howard, KR, Green Bay1996Larry Brown, CB, Dallas1995Steve Young, QB, San Francisco1994Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas1993Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas1992Mark Rypien, QB, Washington1991Ottis Anderson, RB, N.Y. Giants1990Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco1989Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco1988Doug Williams, QB, Washington1987Phil Simms, QB, N.Y. Giants1986Richard Dent, DE, Chicago1985Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco1984Marcus Allen, RB, L.A. Raiders1983John Riggins, RB, Washington1982Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco1981Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland1980Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh1979Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh1978Randy White, DT and Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas1977Fred Biletnikoff, WR, Oakland1976Lynn Swann, WR, Pittsburgh1975Franco Harris, RB, Pittsburgh1974Larry Csonka, RB, Miami1973Jake Scott, S, Miami1972Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas1971Chuck Howley, LB, Dallas1970Len Dawson, QB, Kansas City1969Joe Namath, QB, N.Y. Jets1968Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay1967Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay

SCORINGMost Points, Lifetime 48, Jerry Rice, San Francisco-Oakland, 4 games.Most Points, Game 18, Roger Craig, San Francisco vs. Miami, 1985; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990 and vs. San Diego, 1995; Ricky Watters, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995; Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998.Most Touchdowns, Lifetime 8, Jerry Rice, San Francisco-Oakland, 4 games.Most Touchdowns, Game 3, Roger Craig, San Francisco vs. Miami, 1985; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver 1990 and vs. San Diego, 1995; Ricky Watters, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995; Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998.Most Points After Touchdown, Lifetime 13 Adam Vinatieri, New England-Indianapolis, (13 attempts, 5 games).Most Points After Touchdown, Game 7, Mike Cofer, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990 (8 attempts); Lin Elliott, Dallas vs. Buffalo, 1993 (7 attempts); Doug Brien, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995 (7 attempts).Most Field Goals, Lifetime 7, Adam Vinatieri, New England-Indianapolis, (10 attempts, 5 games).Most Field Goals, Game 4, Don Chandler, Green Bay vs. Oakland, 1968; Ray Wersching, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1982.Longest Field Goal 54, Steve Christie, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1994.Most Safeties 1, Dwight White, Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota, 1975; Reggie Harrison, Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, 1976; Henry Waechter, Chicago vs. New England, 1986; George Martin, New York vs. Denver, 1987; Bruce Smith, Buffalo vs. New York, 1991.RUSHINGMost Attempts, Lifetime 101, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh.Most Attempts, Game 38, John Riggins, Washington vs. Miami, 1983.Most Yards Gained, Lifetime 354, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh, 4 games.Most Yards Gained, Game 204, Tim Smith, Washington vs. Denver, 1988.Longest Gain 75, Willie Parker, Pittsburgh vs. Seattle, 2006.Most Touchdowns, Lifetime 5, Emmitt Smith, Dallas, 3 games.Most Touchdowns, Game 3, Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998.PASSINGMost Attempts, Lifetime 152, John Elway, Denver, 5 games.Most Attempts, Game 58, Jim Kelly, Buffalo vs. Washington, 1992.Most Completions, Lifetime 100, Tom Brady, New England, 4 games.Most Completions, Game 32, Tom Brady, New England vs. Carolina, 2004.Highest Completion Percentage, Lifetime 70.0, Troy Aikman, Dallas.Highest Completion Percentage, Game 88.0, Phil Simms, New York Giants vs. Denver, 1987.Most Yards Gained, Lifetime 1,142, Joe Montana, San Francisco, 4 games.Most Yards Gained, Game 414, Kurt Warner, St. Louis vs. Tennessee, 2000.Most Touchdowns, Lifetime 11, Joe Montana, San Francisco, 4 games.Most Touchdowns, Game 6, Steve Young, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995.Most Had Intercepted, Lifetime 8, John Elway, Denver, 5 games.Most Had Intercepted, Game 5, Rich Gannon, Oakland vs. Tampa Bay, 2003.Longest Completion 85, Jake Delhomme (to Muhsin Muhammad), Carolina vs. New England, 2004.RECEIVINGMost Receptions, Lifetime 33, Jerry Rice, San Francisco-Oakland, 4 games.Most Receptions, Game 11, Dan Ross, Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, 1982; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989; Deion Branch, New England vs. Philadelphia, 2005; Wes Welker, New England vs. N.Y. Giants, 2008.Most Yards, Lifetime 589, Jerry Rice, San Francisco-Oakland, 4 games.Most Yards, Game 215, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989.Most Touchdowns, Lifetime 7, Jerry Rice, San Francisco.Most Touchdowns, Game 3, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990.Longest Reception 85, Muhsin Muhammad (from Jake Delhomme), Carolina vs. New England, 2004.FUMBLESMost By, Lifetime 5, Roger Staubach, Dallas, 4 games.Most By, Game 3, Roger Staubach, Dallas vs. Pittsburgh, 1976; Jim Kelly, Buffalo vs. Washington, 1992; Frank Reich, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1993.INTERCEPTIONSMost By, Lifetime 3, Chuck Howley, Dallas; Rod Martin, Oakland; Larry Brown, Dallas.Most By, Game 3, Rod Martin, Oakland vs. Philadelphia, 1981.Longest Return 76, Kelly Herndon, Seattle vs. Pittsburgh, 2006.

SCORINGMost Points, Game 55, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990.Fewest Points, Game 3, Miami vs. Dallas, 1972.Most Points, Both Teams, Game 75, San Francisco (49), San Diego (26), 1995.Fewest Points, Both Teams, Game 21, Miami (14), Washington (7), 1973.Largest Margin of Victory 45 San Francisco vs. Denver (55-10), 1990.YARDS GAINEDMost Net Yards Gained, Game 602, Washington vs. Denver, 1988.Fewest Net Yards Gained, Game 119, Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh, 1975.Most Rushing Yards, Game 280, Washington vs. Denver, 1988.Fewest Rushing Yards, Game 7, New England vs. Chicago, 1986.Most Passing Yards, Game 407, St. Louis vs. Tennessee, 2000.Fewest Passing Yards, Game 35, Denver vs. Dallas, 1978.FUMBLESMost Fumbles Both Teams, Game 12, Buffalo (8) vs. Dallas (4), 1993.Most Fumbles, One Team, Game 8, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1993.Most Fumbles Lost, Game 5, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1993.INTERCEPTIONSMost Interceptions By, Game 5, Tampa Bay vs. Oakland, 2003.

AT STAKE National Football League Championship for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.PARTICIPANTS Arizona Cardinals (NFC) and Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC). This is the first appearance for the Cardinals and the seventh appearance for the Steelers.SITE Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Fla. This is the fourth Super Bowl played in Tampa and the second at this Stadium.SEATING CAPACITY 70,500.DATE Feb. 1, 2009.GAMETIME 4 p.m. MST.NETWORK COVERAGE By NBC-TV to more than 200 stations throughout the United States.Westwood One Radio to 500 stations within the United States. The Armed Forces Television will also provide broadcast to 180 countries throughout the world.The game will be distributed internationally by the NFL and NFL International to more than 220 countries and broadcast in 30 different languages.PLAYERS SHARE Winners: $78,000 per man. Losers: $40,000 per man.PLAYER UNIFORMS Arizona will be the home team and use the West bench. The Cardinals have their choice of wearing its colored or white jersey.SUDDEN DEATH If the game is tied at regulation time 60 minutes, it will continue in sudden death overtime. The team scoring first (by safety, field goal, or touchdown) will win.At the end of regulation playing time, the referee will immediately toss a coin at the center of the field, in accordance with rules pertaining to the usual pre-game toss. The captain of NFC team (the visiting team) will call the toss. Following a three-minute intermission after the end of the regular game, play will continue by 15-minute periods with a two-minute intermission between each such overtime period with no halftime intermission. The teams will change goals between each period, there will be a two-minute warning at the end of each period.OFFICIAL TIME The scoreboard clock will be official.OFFICIALS There will be seven officials and two alternates appointed by the Commissioners office.TROPHY The winning team receives permanent possession of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, a sterling silver trophy created by Tiffany & Company and presented annually to the winner of the Super Bowl. The trophy was named after the late coach Vince Lombardi of the two-time Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers before the 1971 Super Bowl. The trophy is a regulation silver football mounted in a kicking position on a pyramid-like stand of three concave sides. The trophy stands 20 3/4 inches tall, weighs 6.7 pounds and is valued more than $25,000. The words Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl XLIII are engraved on the base along with the NFL shield.ATTENDANCE To date, 3,276,834 have attended Super Bowl games. The largest crowd was 103,985 at the 14th Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

How the Super Bowl winners fared in their next season:2008N.Y. Giants lost to Philadelphia 23-11 in NFC divisional playoff.2007Indianapolis lost to San Diego 28-24 in AFC divisional playoff.2006Pittsburgh finished third in AFC North division with an 8-8 record.2005New England lost to Denver 27-13 in AFC divisional playoff.2004New England repeated and beat Philadelphia 24-21 in Super Bowl.2003Tampa Bay finished third in NFC South division with a 7-9 record.2002New England finished second in AFC East division with a 9-7 record.2001Baltimore lost to Pittsburgh 27-10 in AFC divisional playoff.2000St. Louis lost to New Orleans 31-28 in NFC wild-card game.1999Denver finished last in the AFC West division with a 6-10 record.1998Denver repeated and beat Atlanta 34-19 in Super Bowl.1997Green Bay lost to Denver 31-24 in Super Bowl.1996Dallas lost to Carolina 26-17 in NFC divisional playoff.1995San Francisco lost to Green Bay 27-17 in NFC divisional playoff.1994Dallas lost to San Francisco 38-28 in NFC championship.1993Dallas repeated and beat Buffalo 30-13 in Super Bowl.1992Washington lost to San Francisco 20-13 in NFC divisional playoff.1991N.Y. Giants finished fourth in NFC East division with an 8-8 record.1990San Francisco lost to N.Y. Giants 15-13 in NFC championship.1989San Francisco repeated and beat Denver 55-10 in Super Bowl.1988Washington finished third in NFC East division with a 7-9 record.1987N.Y. Giants finished last in NFC East division with a 6-9 record.1986Chicago lost to Washington 27-13 in NFC divisional playoff.1985San Francisco lost to N.Y. Giants 17-3 in NFC wild-card game.1984L.A. Raiders lost to Seattle 13-7 in AFC wild-card game.1983Washington lost to the Los Angeles Raiders 38-9 in Super Bowl.1982San Francisco finished eleventh in the conference with a 3-6 record.1981Oakland finished fourth in the Western division with a 7-9 record.1980Pittsburgh finished third in the Central division with a 9-7 record.1979Pittsburgh repeated and beat the Los Angeles Rams 31-19 in Super Bowl.1978Dallas lost to Pittsburgh 35-31 in Super Bowl.1977Oakland lost to Denver 20-17 in AFC Championship.1976Pittsburgh lost to Oakland 24-7 in AFC Championship.1975Pittsburgh repeated and beat Dallas 21-17 in Super Bowl.1974Miami lost to Oakland 28-26 in AFC divisional playoff.1973Miami repeated and beat Minnesota 24-7 in Super Bowl.1972Dallas lost to Washington 26-3 in NFC Championship.1971Baltimore lost to Miami 21-0 in AFC Championship.1970Kansas City finished second in the Western division with a 7-5-2 record.1969New York Jets lost to Kansas City 13-6 in AFL divisional playoff.1968Green Bay finished third in the Central divison with a 6-7-1 record.1967Green Bay repeated and beat Oakland 33-14 in Super Bowl.

30-second commercial2009$3,000,0002008$2,700,0002007$2,600,0002006$2,500,0002005$2,400,0002004$2,300,0002003$2,100,0002002$1,900,0002001$2,100,0002000$2,200,0001999$1,600,0001998$1,300,0001997$1,200,0001996$1,085,0001995$1,150,0001994$900,0001993$850,0001992$850,0001991$800,0001990$700,0001989$675,0001988$645,0001987$600,0001986$550,0001985$525,0001984$368,0001983$400,0001982$324,0001981$275,0001980$222,0001979$185,0001978$162,0001977$125,0001976$110,0001975$107,0001974$103,0001973$88,0001972$86,0001971$72,0001970$78,0001969$55,0001968$54,0001967$42,000Future Super Bowl Sites2009 Feb. 1, Tampa, Fla.2010 Feb. 7, Miami2011 Feb. 6, Arlington, Texas2012 Feb. 5, Indianapolis

NEW YORK (AP) Super Bowl television ratings and shares, including network (both NBC and CBS televised the first Super Bowl). The rating represents the percentage of televisions tuned in to a program. The share is the percentage of televisions on at the time that watched:Year, Network;Rating;Share2008 FOX;43.2;652007 CBS;42.6;642006 ABC;41.6;622005 FOX;41.1;622004 CBS;41.3;632003 ABC;40.7;612002 FOX;40.4;612001 CBS;40.4;612000 ABC;43.2;621999 FOX;40.2;611998 NBC;44.5;671997 FOX;43.3;651996 NBC;46.1;721995 ABC;41.3;631994 NBC;45.4;661993 NBC;45.1;661992 CBS;40.3;611991 ABC;41.8;631990 CBS;39.0;631989 NBC;43.5;681988 ABC;41.9;621987 CBS;45.8;661986 NBC;48.3;701985 ABC;46.4;631984 CBS;46.4;711983 NBC;48.6;691982 CBS;49.1;731981 NBC;44.4;631980 CBS;46.3;671979 NBC;47.1;741978 CBS;47.2;671977 NBC;44.4;731976 CBS;42.3;781975 NBC;42.4;721974 CBS;41.6;731973 NBC;42.7;721972 CBS;44.2;741971 NBC;39.9;751970 CBS;39.4;691969 NBC;36.0;711968 CBS;36.8;681967 NBC;18.5;361967 CBS;22.6;43

(Subject to change)Arizona CardinalsOffenseWR 11 Larry Fitzgerald, 85 Jerheme Urban, 87 Sean MoreyLT 69 Mike Gandy, 72 Brandon KeithLG 74 Reggie Wells, 61 Elton BrownC 63 Lyle Sendlein, 70 Pat RossRG 76 Deuce Lutui, 61 Elton BrownRT 75 Levi Brown, 68 Elliot VallejoTE 82 Leonard Pope, 89 Ben Patrick, 84 Jerame TumanWR 81 Anquan Boldin, 15 Steve Breaston, 80 Early DoucetQB 13 Kurt Warner, 7 Matt Leinart, 2 Brian St. PierreRB 32 Edgerrin James, 34 Tim Hightower, 28 J.J. ArringtonFB 45 Terrelle Smith, 46 Tim CastilleDefenseLDE 94 Antonio Smith, 91 Kenny IwebemaNT 97 Bryan Robinson, 98 Gabe Watson, 78 Alan BranchUT 90 Darnell Dockett, 93 Calais CampbellRDE 55 Travis LaBoy, 92 Bertrand BerrySLB 56 Chike Okeafor, 57 Victor HobsonMLB 54 Gerald Hayes, 52 Monty BeiselWLB 58 Karlos Dansby, 51 Pago TogafauLCB 26 Rod Hood, 20 Ralph Brown, 25 Eric GreenRCB 29 D. Rodgers-Cromartie, 27 Michael AdamsSS 24 Adrian Wilson, 47 Aaron FranciscoFS 21 Antrel Rolle, 22 Matt WareSpecial TeamsK 1 Neil RackersP 5 Ben GrahamLS 48 Nathan Hodel, 84 Jerame TumanH 5 Ben Graham, 87 Sean MoreyKR 28 J.J. Arrington, 15 Steve Breaston, 87 Sean MoreyPR 15 Steve Breaston, 21 Antrel Rolle, 26 Rod HoodPittsburgh SteelersOffenseWR 86 Hines Ward, 85 Nate WashingtonLT 78 Max Starks, 79 Trai Essex, 69 Jason Capizzi, 66 Tony HillsLG 68 Chris Kemoeatu, 65 Jeremy ParquetC 62 Justin HartwigRG 72 Darnell Stapleton, 79 Trai EssexRT 74 Willie Colon, 78 Max StarksTE 83 Heath Miller, 89 Matt Spaeth, 49 Sean McHughRB 39 Willie Parker, 21 Mewelde Moore, 33 Gary RussellFB 38 Carey DavisQB 7 Ben Roethlisberger, 4 Byron Leftwich, 2 Dennis DixonWR 10 Santonio Holmes, 14 Limas SweedDefenseLDE 91 Aaron Smith, 90 Travis Kirschke, 96 Orpheus RoyeNT 98 Casey Hampton, 76 Chris Hoke, 71 Scott PaxsonRDE 99 Brett Keisel, 93 Nick EasonLOLB 56 LaMarr Woodley, 53 Bruce Davis, 55 Patrick BaileyLILB 51 James Farrior, 57 Keyaron FoxRILB 50 Larry Foote, 94 Lawrence TimmonsROLB 92 James Harrison, 54 Andre FrazierLCB 24 Ike Taylor, 22 William Gay 37, Anthony MadisonFS 25 Ryan Clark, 27 Anthony SmithSS 43 Troy Polamalu, 23 Tyrone CarterRCB 26 Deshea Townsend, 20 Bryant McFadden, 31 Fernando BryantSpecial TeamsP 17 Mitch BergerPK 3 Jeff ReedLS 61 Jared RetkofskyH 17 Mitch BergerKR 33 Gary Russell, 21 Mewelde MoorePR 10 Santonio Holmes, 21 Mewelde Moore

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