This column has nothing to do with Sarah Palin |

This column has nothing to do with Sarah Palin

Mike VidakovichGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Mike Vidakovich

Here’s the main reason why you should read this column in its entirety: It’s mostly about sports, and it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin.I can’t resist. I’ll go ahead and say it. Having Palin as vice president of the United States would be about as wise – in my humble opinion – as betting a very large sum of money on the Baltimore Orioles to win the 2009 World Series. I don’t think it would be wise to put much faith in either of the aforementioned entities, but at least Palin’s adventures in Washington would be much more interesting than watching the hapless Orioles.I know my Republican friends Doug Meyers and Rick Chavez will forgive me when they read this. After all, they’re the ones who told me eight years ago that Mr. W. Bush would be one of our all-time greats and go down in history. Remember boys? Enough of that.Fall is the best time of year for sports. High school sports are in full swing, the chase for the pennant in major league baseball is reaching its final stages and college football is off to a flying start.Even though the college football season is just weeks old, there are two teams that have already left quite an impression on their early season opponents – Oklahoma and USC.It’s a good bet you’ll see those two playing for all the marbles in the BCS title game come January. Southern Cal’s offense is unstoppable, and Oklahoma’s defense is as big and fast as I’ve ever seen. If the two teams do indeed run the table and meet at season’s end, it really will be a case of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object.Just when you felt it was time to give up on the world of professional cycling, Lance comes to the rescue. Lance – as in Armstrong – recently announced he will come out of retirement and resume training to compete in – and try to win – his eighth Tour de France. Thank goodness. There’s reason to watch again. I’ll be pulling for him just as hard in quest eight as I did in the previous seven. Let’s all just vote for Lance Armstrong for president. It’s better than the choices we have.In my last column, I wrote that Cassius Clay was the best heavyweight boxer of all time. I stand corrected.A day after the column appeared my friend and neighbor, Wally Wareham, called to let me know his feelings on the subject. Wareham, who was an accomplished welterweight boxer in his youth, told me some stories about Rocky Marciano. Turns out that Marciano was undefeated in his heavyweight career, going 55-0 while taking on all comers. I had to smile when Wareham told me that, “If Clay would have pulled that rope-a-dope stuff on Marciano, Rocky would have knocked his arms off!” Marciano was before my time, but it sounds like he was a tough one. Wareham’s a tough one, too. Wally has survived a serious mine accident and a bout with cancer. He’s out on the roads daily in West Glenwood walking, staying fit and chatting with his good buddies Geno Yellico and Kenny Moser. Maybe we should talk Wareham into being Armstrong’s running mate for president. With two tough hombres like that in the White House, things would get straightened out in a hurry.Hunting is not a sport, but the season is just around the corner, so be forewarned. Those who claim hunting to be a sport, I ask, would you brave souls venture into the woods if the deer and elk could fire back? Now that would be a sport.So be careful you folks who go into our beautiful forests to recreate and enjoy the fall foliage. With hunters on the loose, the collective IQ in the woods has dropped perceptibly. Wear orange if you are out for a hike or a trail run, you could be mistaken for a creature of the wild and end up in a meat locker in Texas.Mike Vidakovich writes freelance for the Post Independent.

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