Vidakovich column: Eleanor Reynolds is 93 years young |

Vidakovich column: Eleanor Reynolds is 93 years young

Eleanor Reynolds on "The Hill" in West Glenwood.
Courtesy Jerry Butler

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, Long Island, New York native Eleanor Reynolds celebrated her 93rd birthday here in Glenwood Springs with her daughter, Ellen Colangelo, and son-in-law Michael Colangelo. The next day, Reynolds kept her usual weekly date with Michael for nine holes of golf on a balmy late fall day at the Glenwood Springs Golf Course.

It was golfing business as usual, and the reopening of her favorite course following a potent late October snow storm was welcome news to Reynolds.

Since moving to Glenwood just under a year ago, Reynolds has dutifully stuck to her Monday and Thursday golfing routine on the West Glenwood course known as The Hill.

On Mondays, she rides The Traveler to the golf course, grabs a golf cart, and plays a leisurely round before GSGC General Manager Jerry Butler calls the good folks that brought Reynolds to the course, notifying them that she is ready for her ride back home. Thursday is the date with her son-in-law, carrying on a golfing life that began at the Crab Meadow public golf course on Long Island.

“My husband got me into golfing when I was 40 years old. We played twice a week with a mutual friend,” Reynolds said. “I’ve always been pretty athletic most of my life, so I enjoyed this new challenge of playing golf.”

Field hockey, archery, bowling and roller skating were some of the activities that Reynolds enjoyed during her high school years. In fact, her first trip to the state of Colorado came when she was 20 years old to participate in a roller skating contest in Denver.

“Roller skating was pretty big back then. There were contests all over the country,” Reynolds said. “The sport is obviously not as big now days.”

Born and raised on Long Island, Reynolds was a wife, home maker and mom to three children. When the kids flew out of the nest, though, a friend encouraged her to go back to school and get a college degree. It was advice well taken as Reynolds earned a bachelor’s degree from New York Tech and a master’s in education from Stony Brook College. A career in teaching and school administration followed until her retirement at age 65.

Living alone at age 92, Reynolds, her daughter, and son-in-law decided it was time for her to come west and be with family. It’s a decision that Reynolds has embraced with very few regrets.

“I miss all the people that I knew in New York, but I like everyone I have met here in Glenwood,” Reynolds said. “With this virus, I have been kind of housebound, but we try to get out and take car trips around Colorado every so often.”

Reynolds used to bowl during the winter months, but that hobby has ceased in recent years. She is hopeful that when spring starts to peek its flowery presence around the corner in the new year of 2021, that good health will remain in her corner and she will be able to hit the links once again.

“At my age, you really do take things one day at a time. I hope I am able to play when spring comes, but life has funny turns. Right now, I feel pretty healthy,” Reynolds said.

Come next golf season, the crew at the Glenwood Golf Course will undoubtedly keep an eye out for their 93-year-old friend’s return. Equally as certain will be the emergence of Reynolds from winter’s gloom to tackle the ups and downs that golfing on The Hill always brings. On Mondays she may be alone on the course, but there are always watchful eyes in the clubhouse looking out for the spunky lady from Long Island.

“That golf course has been so good to me. I couldn’t have found nicer people.”

The folks at “that golf course” would probably echo the same sentiment.

Mike Vidakovich writes freelance for the Post Independent.

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