Vidakovich column: We’re all in good hands |

Vidakovich column: We’re all in good hands

Having been around children — both little and big — for a good portion of my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that more often than not, they have the inborn ability to ignore the darkness of night and focus on the morning light that is breaking all around them.

In short, kids instinctively know how to follow the path through these times of darkened woods and enter the field of wildflowers that is cloaked in sunshine, and they can usually do it with the bravado of a drunken cowboy.

If only us adults had the ability to follow. Unfortunately, as the years unfold and Father Time continues his relentless assault on our lives, we seem to get mired in the pools of muck that line the path to happiness.

As I age, I consider myself lucky that I still get to be near young people and the currents of their splendor that swirl steadily around me. Though I retired from full-time teaching years ago, I have stayed in touch with the local schools through substitute teaching, coaching and covering various high school sporting events for this paper.

The elementary schoolchildren that I teach, and the basketball girls that I coach at the Glenwood Middle School, have been a shining light to me each and every time I get to see them. The world always seems to be a much better place when I’m in a classroom or at a basketball practice. And one thing that has stayed the test of time through the ages is that kids still love cookies and doughnuts. I believe they should have them at every opportunity.

It’s quite evident that some stressors in life are avoidable, but some are not. With that being said, my advice to you is simple. Stay away from adults as much as is possible and don’t watch the daily news or any of the political debates. I wish we had a choice between John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan in November instead of the other two fellows who will be on the ballot. Either way, though, I have a feeling that things will turn out to be just fine for everyone regardless of the outcome.

Instead, volunteer at a local school or youth sports program and let the positive energy and enthusiasm of kids lift your spirit. I guarantee that nowhere else will you be able to find such pleasant company.

Freedom 5K Run

Congratulations to all of the runners and walkers who showed up at Silt’s Veteran’s Park last Saturday for the Operation Underground Railroad Freedom 5K. There was a big crowd of participants lining the streets, and it was good to have a local race to get out and compete in with so many events having gone by the wayside this summer due to COVID-19.

Here are the results of the top runners in the various race categories: Fastest Youth, Cody Hedberg, 27 minutes, 23 seconds; Junior, Austin Peterson, 24:21; Teen Male, Kade Sackett, 18:10; Teen Female, Sydney Schriock, 23:08; Adult Male, Lee Maendel, 22:37; Adult Female, Alyson Johnson, 23:17; Masters Male, Brad Palmer, 23:40; Masters Female, Tyree Wells, 28:07.

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