To lose weight, change your lifestyle |

To lose weight, change your lifestyle

I was walking to the park when a person stopped me and asked me what the best method to lose weight is. I replied that there is only one legitimate and true way to lose weight and keep it off forever. You have to change your lifestyle; other methods are only temporally. So I gave him the next tips:

1. Set your goals

2. Make small changes

3. Be persistent

4. Don’t ever consider dropping your weight loss regimen, no matter how difficult life gets

5. Be ambitious

6. Get rid of all the extra calories that your body does not need, such as junk food, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, candy, added sugars, sodas, flavored water, refined flour, deep fried food (French fries, etc.), beer, alcoholic drinks and others

7. Cut down your meat intake and replace it with vegetables and fruits.

8. Eat organic

9. Exercise daily

10. Walk everywhere; use the stairs instead of the elevator. In other words, be active.

11. Pay attention to the reason why you eat. Are you eating because you are hungry or because you are under stress, a mental or emotional stage?

12. Don’t overeat. Eat small, healthy snacks between your main plates and set up an eating schedule.

13. Eat grains for breakfast instead of high fat foods, such as fried eggs, bacon and sausage.

And the most important one of all: Do all these steps for life. Nothing will help you in the short term. It is like taking all the contaminated water from a lake while the creek is still running contaminated water back into the lake. If you want to clean the lake, you need to approach it from the source. If you don’t take all these steps seriously, sorry, but you are not ready to lose weight. Other approaches will only lead you to failure in the long term.

I wished him the best, and I continued with my walk.

I thought about all my clients and understood that such steps are not easy to follow. However, I’m blessed by having clients that are supportive of each other, and they are fighting for what they want, and I know they won’t stop until they achieve the body and health they desire.

Sandro Torres is a fitness professional and owner of Custom Body Fitness in Carbondale. His column appears on the second Tuesday of the month in Body & More.

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