Friday letters: Boebert’s representation, slow down in Glenwood, fossil fuels reduction, and Ascendigo Ranch |

Friday letters: Boebert’s representation, slow down in Glenwood, fossil fuels reduction, and Ascendigo Ranch

Boebert should represent all of us

The congresswoman from Colorado’s 3rd district is now called Congresswoman Roll Your Eyes, when our president, Joe Biden, asked all Congress members to reconsider making it illegal for an American to have an ammunition magazine that holds 100 rounds. And, when our president asked Congress to reconsider making it more difficult for mentally ill people to get access to guns, Lauren Boebert comically shook her head “no.” The best line of the evening about guns was Biden asking all hunters, “What? Do deer now wear Kevlar vests?” Again, our congresswoman rolled her eyes.

Lauren Boebert voted no on the Violence Against Women Act. Why?

Hank Penny wrote a country song with the lyrics  “Don’t roll those bloodshot eyes at me.” Those words came to mind tonight.

When does a politician become a representative of the people instead of a representative of lobbyists and special interests?

So far, Lauren Boebert has had no less than seven opportunities to vote “yea” on bills that benefit Americans, and in different ways, including the COVID Relief Bill, the people of Colorado.

I would like to give Lauren Boebert a chance in Washington, D.C., to do what she was elected for.

Time has come to simply ask her to please represent us all.  


Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Slow down next time on Grand Avenue

What does Glenwood’s Grand Avenue have in common with the Golden Gate Bridge (besides traffic)?

1) The Golden Gate Bridge is a gateway to San Francisco, Grand Avenue is a gateway to the entire Roaring Fork Valley.

2) Surprisingly, they are almost the exact same length. 

Unlike the Golden Gate Bridge, our mile and a half of Grand Avenue highway has more than 100 access points along its length. People coming and going its entire length. It accommodates the 10,000 people who live here, the tourists who visit and commuters on their way to somewhere else, all needing access to this narrow ribbon of highway. 

On your next daily drive, commit to driving
community-supportive speeds: Take A Minute, Slow Down in Town. It’ll give everyone a break.

Diane Reynolds, member,
 Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town committee

Glenwood Springs

Tell Polis to do more on fossil fuel reductions

I have learned more than I want to know from the news the past few months.

Nearly 3 billion animals were incinerated or displaced in the Australian bush fires of 2019 and 2020.

Some 200 people were killed in February in a landslide and flood from a glacier in the Himalayas.

Warming is weakening the sensitive circulation system of the Atlantic Ocean to a point not experienced in more than 1,000 years.

Hundreds of butterfly species in the American West are in steep decline. 

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at the fastest rate in 12,000 years. A melted Greenland alone would mean a 20-foot rise in the seas.

Oh, so you don’t live on the coast, so that doesn’t matter? How about fires? We are looking at a scary drought-impacted summer.

It is easy to contact Gov. Jared Polis online. Please tell him that depending on the good will of the fossil fuel companies is ridiculous. We need solid regulations, such as in SB 21-200.

Please help.

Katherine Delanoy


Ascendigo Ranch is not compatible with Missouri Heights

Ascendigo is a well-respected, nonprofit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley. The autistic children they provide services for, and their selfless staff, deserve a place to call home. Unfortunately, their vision for Ascendigo Ranch in Missouri Heights is simply not compatible with the current zoning regulations and the limited natural resources in the area. For most people, their investment in their home is among the largest that they will make, and therefore, knowing with a high degree of certainty what types of land uses could be imposed in their neighborhood is critical to sound decision-making. A requirement for compatibility of land use assures landowners that the risk of adverse effects due to future development is minimal. Requiring compatibility is a way to offer predictability to landowners about the future land development in their neighborhood.

Ascendigo Ranch has filed a 700-plus page, convoluted, “limited impact” review application with Garfield County, which can be found in its entirety on the Garfield County planning department’s website. According to the exhibits filed with this application, their idea of “limited impact” includes almost 50,000 square feet of new structures, including a 14,000-square-foot, 50-foot high activity center. Their peak months of operation will consist of more than 100 people onsite daily. There will be numerous vehicles coming and going throughout the day, at least tripling the local traffic volume. Plans also include almost 100 parking spaces. The camp will have multiple daily deliveries, camper day trips, etc. Also proposed is a 1- to 2-acre pond for aquatic activities. They have also committed to offering year-round programming and have reserved the right to offer the property to outside organizations for other uses as they see fit. 

This type of heavy commercial use is not compatible with the rural residential zoning of Missouri Heights, as outlined in Garfield County’s growth plan. Ascendigo is an admirable organization, but we must say no to Ascendigo in Missouri Heights.

Kirk Hartley

Carbondale/Missouri Heights

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