Friday letters: Evactuation plan, humanity, homeless camp |

Friday letters: Evactuation plan, humanity, homeless camp

We need evacuation plan for West Glenwood

I need to start my letter by saying that I one hundred percent support our police and fire departments.

Wednesday was an epic fail for the powers that be. Our town was once again threatened by wildfire. Speaking with neighbors, only a handful received a reverse 911 call. Only one neighborhood was given pre-evacuation orders. This is not our first rodeo out here, so many of us started packing a few things and contacting elderly neighbors that might need assistance. I called dispatch to remind them that we need to keep the residential streets in West Glenwood free of commuters so that the threatened residents could evacuate if need be. That is where the failure began. The main streets and residential streets of West Glenwood were bumper to bumper with vehicles. Many drivers speeding through our streets in the wrong lane trying to find a faster way out. If we had been given evacuation notice it would have taken hours to clear the streets alone, not to mention get residents out.

There has to be a plan to stop this nonsense. In times like these we need to close off Midland at Eighth Street and at Highway 6&24 to non West Glenwood residents. Proof of residency could get you in to pack your belongings, save relatives or pets, etc. We should open the schools downtown to get these people and cars off the streets. In West Glenwood open the middle school or the mall. I understand right now we are in a pandemic and that is not ideal at this time but there needs to be a plan in place for next time.  We have used our three strikes. Next time we are out!
Just to inform or remind all of you, the horse pasture behind the mall, is in the process of selling and a major housing development is being proposed there. The plan is for four hundred and eighteen units to be built. That would put over one thousand more cars and approximately fifteen hundred new residents in the neighborhood that was just inundated with vehicles and threatened by yet another fire.

Lisa Orosz
West Glenwood Springs

Humanity over greed 

“Humanity over Greed” is my personal philosophy anymore. I’ve seen it both through observation as well as in my own personal life as well.
First off, when looking at the economic environment as it is now is very disturbing. We have people who have stressful work hours with the fear of being fired for running a minute late. It certainly affects traffic. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Fatality Report, there have been a total of 558 deaths within the state. The highest of these numbers were reported within Colorado’s State Region 1 which is the Denver Metro Area that sadly had 214 total fatalities reported.  If more people weren’t having to work long hours, then our roads would be safer. 

Secondly, I would love to be able to not need money to survive. At places I worked in the past there were times where some of my fellow co-workers backstabbed me to ensure they wouldn’t get fired. The places I loved working at are the places I volunteered and worked for free. This mindset is how I truly wanted to work.

Thirdly, with COVID having damaged modern society as we know it, it may be time to take a look as to how the culture and economy need to be fixed. Our politicians use us as nothing more than piggy banks for their own greed. But if money meant nothing, then these career politicians would be forced to not only solve the problems, but actually have individuals who are there to HELP not for their greed.  As bad as it sounds, Anarchy would probably solve a lot of our nation’s problems right there. Add that to making money not the only thing to survive, and we have a much happier and better nation where people can actually see and have friends and deeper relations.

I believe our culture needs to focus more on the human element as a priority, and categorize money as tools. We would be a less stressed, and more connected society. 

Patrick Glover,
Glenwood Springs

Mall won’t work for homeless camp

Did I read it correctly? Paula Stepp thinks the West Glenwood Mall would be a great place for a homeless encampment?

Did she miss that part where a major housing development could be built behind the mall with 400+ units? I am sure the developers and the tenants would be thrilled to have a homeless camp at their front door. What about the existing mall tenants? When you float an idea, check its viability first. I am sure there are better options than the West Glenwood Mall parking.

Katie Fischer,

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