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Letter: Global tribe      

You see, hear, read and experience homelessness. And in some cases — like San Francisco, LA, Denver and even Glenwood Springs — you can’t avoid it. In fact, it’s getting so bad it’s becoming public health concern (drugs, feces, trash, fires, public altercations). In general, the homeless typically do not participate or contribute to the well-being of a community. Instead, they take, beg and wander. Zero community participation (aka the “tribe”).

 The Native Americans knew how to handle non-participation with perfection. To them, you are part of the tribe. If you do not carry your weight, participate, assist, then off you go. Kicked out of the tribe. Banned. Why should you get a free meal, fire, tepee? We are all in this together!

The good people within the Roaring Fork Valley who want to assist the homeless are not assisting. They are enabling. To truly do what’s right, require them to assimilate. Perhaps some sort of participation like trash cleanup, a bit of weight carrying like applying for a job, a maybe teaching the other homeless join the tribe as well.

If they contribute — welcome to the tribe: meal, fire, tepee. If they do not — do as the Native Americans did.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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