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Letter: Millions of voters feeling disenfranchised after last election

(This letter was originally addressed to Mr. Villarreal), I am glad that at your age you engage in political discussion; (The wisdom of the Electoral College, Post Independent, April 23) however, to reference just one partisan source does not an argument make.
There are many sources from which to get information; many are biased to one degree or another. However many are also largely analytical in their discussion of any given subject.
In exploration I have found a number of discussions regarding The Electoral College; some are more biased than others.
What I know is this: Our Constitution was written at a time when there were 13 states, it was argued, drafted and re-drafted in hot, humid, underlit rooms by un-showered men that rode for days on a horse just to make their arguments, cast their votes and voice their opinions. Many of them owned slaves. Most were wealthy and were protecting to some degree their own best interests. There were no steam engines or even a telegraph.
Today we do have California, the sixth largest economy in the world, one of 50 states. No president made California what it is, nor will California’s vote turn Iowa into a liberal bastion of hedonism.
Once upon a time Ronald Reagan was governor of California and then president of the United States and, well, California is still California and Iowa is still Iowa.
Mr. Villarreal, do you understand how many millions of voters feel disenfranchised when they lose even though they had a majority of 3 million votes? Is this good for democracy?
What motivates anyone in Colorado to vote if a candidate is going to be “hand-made” to attract voters in states that are selected by an algorithm?
Nothing against Rhode Island but it seems a little ludicrous to suggest that they in any way shape or form need a presidential vote equivalent to California or even Colorado.
Mr. Villareal how do you feel about gerrymandering?
Marco Diaz

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