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Letter: Reader knows what kind of school community wants

I just read the following quote concerning Roaring Fork High School from Superintendent Rob Stein in Friday’s Post Independent: “It’s fair to say that right now there’s not a consensus in the school staff, or between the staff and the community, about what kind of school it wants to be.”
Assuming the quote to be correct, I would like to tell Rob Stein what kind of school we want and have always wanted. We want a school that not only helps kids succeed academically while preparing them for college or career, but also teaches them to be kind, thoughtful individuals and to respect others who are both similar and different from themselves. The exact kind of school we had 2 years ago!
The quote I would rather hear from Rob Stein is, “My bad. I put Brett Stringer in a difficult position and it would have been hard for him to succeed regardless of his qualifications and strengths. In hindsight, perhaps I could have done things differently.”
David Teitler

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