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Letter: Save the honey bees

Mark Burrows

Save the honey bees

It’s spring, and that means all of the littlest creatures come out and get busy, including the honey bee.

This is the time of year they swarm, and while the movies would have you believe that this is a horrifying event, it’s actually when the honey bee is at its most docile. When bees swarm, it means that they are looking for a new home, and in urban and city areas that usually means the eves of your house or business, or a nice attic space is pretty sweet.

Please do not poison them out. That almost never works, and you’ll be killing a very beneficial species. Instead call your favorite beekeeper or me, Mark Burrows, 970-379-4581, and I’ll remove them to someplace where they can thrive and continue to pollinate our crops and flowers.

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