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Letter: What kind of person believed what Trump believes

What kind of person thinks landlords will be OK with late rent? Or thinks they don’t have mortgages dependent on collecting rent? Or that tenants can trade chores for rent? 

What kind of person thinks lenders won’t charge late fees on home mortgages, then repossess homes for nonpayment of loans? Federal employees owe an estimated $249 million in monthly mortgage payments.

What kind of person thinks cars won’t be repossessed when payments are not made? Or that credit card companies won’t charge late fees and also raise interest rates for nonpayment.

What kind of person thinks that employees of federal contractors will receive back pay?

Perhaps a billionaire that has never had to worry about such things doesn’t care.

Perhaps a billionaire that wants a wall named Trump — a wall against his imaginary threats.

The same billionaire that by presidential order rescinded budgeted pay raises for federal employees in 2019 but kept the $10,000 pay raises for his cabinet members, most of whom are wealthy with several millionaires among them.

Some important facts to know that the president apparently does not: 

1. Most people currently in the U.S. illegally are people that came here legally, generally on a plane, and then overstayed their visas. 

2. Most drugs are coming through ports of entry and not areas missing a fence. 

3. The Border Patrol needs an average of $325 million a year just to repair and maintain the fence that already exists. 

4. Not one representative of a district along the U.S. border with Mexico supports Trump’s wall. 

5. Over two-thirds of the route of the proposed wall crosses tribal land or private property. In the past some eminent domain lawsuits have lasted up to seven years. Walls don’t work.

Marco Diaz


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