Making muffler law more exhaustive |

Making muffler law more exhaustive

That deep rumbling you hear isn’t just from motorcycles and automobiles, it’s also from those wanting to quiet the streets in Glenwood Springs.A noise law is already on the Colorado state books, and a city ordinance banning noisy muffler modifications is on tonight’s City Council agenda for a second reading. The ordinance is a good one, and it does little more than make it easier for Glenwood Springs to enforce and expand the existing law within its city limits.While some peace and quiet is given up by anyone who wants the convenience of living within a city, Glenwood Springs residents shouldn’t be awakened by rattling windows every time a modified motorcycle or automobile passes. (That’s why land is less expensive by the railroad tracks).The city ordinance just broadens the state law to include city streets and makes it enforceable by transferring the prosecuting duties from the overburdened Garfield County Court to the Glenwood Springs Municipal Court.Opponents claim the ordinance is too subjective and allows police to pull over a driver for no reason other than being loud. This is a legitimate concern, even if it is a perceived concern. Glenwood Springs police chief Terry Wilson said this won’t be a problem for his officers, and Glenwood Springs police already have this power under the state laws on Grand Avenue and Highway 6 & 24.The police department will, however, need to do everything in its power to prove the ordinance isn’t simply another way to harass certain people. It can do this by fairly enforcing the law, particularly early on. Most people choose to live in Glenwood Springs because of its proximity to wilderness and the lack of noise and traffic typical in metropolitan areas. It’s also the reason many people vacation in Glenwood Springs.The muffler ordinance, if enforced fairly, allows Glenwood Springs to enforce an existing law, in an effort to retain the attributes that bring people to our area.

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