Monday letters: Boebert, COVID-19, special rocks, Dept. of Labor, drive safely |

Monday letters: Boebert, COVID-19, special rocks, Dept. of Labor, drive safely

CD3 deserves better than Boebert

I am a Colorado native living in the 3rd Congressional district. I am an independent (unaffiliated) voter and have been for many decades. I believe in my country and believe she should stand first in our hearts above all. She should be held strong before and against radical ideas or conspiracy theories or the thirst for votes or reputation.

Some people find the actions of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her radical far-left “squad” to be disturbing. And, some find the actions of Marjory Taylor Green (MTG) and the radical far-right “gang” equally disturbing. Some people on each extreme demand that they resign, be removed from office or even be killed. I, at times, have also found some of these individuals and their extreme ideas beyond belief and disturbing.

I can’t do much about those crazies who represent constituents in New York, Georgia, North Carolina or in any other state or district outside of my own. But I can do something in Colorado to reduce the craziness in Washington. I can do everything I can to make sure that our own resident crazy (Lauren Boebert) is not reelected.

I believe our district, our state and our country deserve better than Lauren Boebert. Better than she who believes and supports QAnon. Better than she who incites insurrection and riots with her words and falsehoods: (“today is 1776”, “3%ers will prevail”, “Nancy Pelosi has left the chamber” …). Better than she who believes herself to be above the law or beyond following the rules of the institution she was voted into.

So I encourage all of you to look into your hearts and determine if you really want Lauren Boebert representing you, your families or your neighbors. I, for one, do not.

James D. Garcia

Grand Junction

Disappointed by elected officials

I am disappointed that local elected officials chose politics over science, demonstrated by their participation in the recent “Stay Free Colorado” rally.

COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States. The virus is neither liberal nor conservative. Its only goal is to continue infecting as many people as possible. The human cost of the misinformation and mishandling of the pandemic by the previous administration is a large percentage of the over 455,000 American lives lost. This number does not take into account the people who will suffer long-term health consequences and those suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of this disease.

It is clear that it did not have to be this way. The United States has experienced more deaths than any other country with a similar economic structure. Consider the examples of South Korea and Australia, both Western-oriented societies with democratically elected governments. Both South Korea and the United States reported their first case of COVID-19 on Jan. 20, 2020. Australia reported its first case approximately a week later. The death rate per 100,000 people in the United States is 40 to 50 times higher than that of South Korea and Australia. The death rates per capita to date are as follows: 2.83 in South Korea, 3.6 in Australia and 139 in the United States. Additionally, South Korea has not had to lock down its economy at any time during the pandemic.

We are all indebted to the front-line health care professionals who have worked tirelessly during this unprecedented public health crisis to save us from ourselves. Garfield County is fortunate to have a dedicated public health staff that have fought and will continue to fight, along with other health care agencies and schools to protect the community we live in. We owe it to them to follow simple public health guidelines: Wear a mask. Socially distance. Wash your hands. Follow isolation and quarantine recommendations.

Get vaccinated when possible.

Wanda Berryman

Glenwood Springs

‘An insult to some very special rocks’

Page 2 of the Feb. 1 PI included a picture of “orange rocks” off Midland Avenue in Glenwood Springs.

That seemed such an insult to some very special rocks and the beauty of that hillside.

We lived on West 13th Street (below the said rocks) for 20 years, raising a family of four kids. We enjoyed our wonderful view of that hillside (as well as a view of Mount Sopris through the valley’s V).

Those rocks are called “Angel Rocks.” They glow in the dark. And of course, we would not like any of you to think of them as “orange rocks.”

We now live in an area with another beautiful view outside of Rifle. Please enjoy that wonderful hillside, Glenwood Springs.

Diana Anderson


Colorado needs to fix Department of Labor and Unemployment

When is the Colorado government going to get the Department of Labor and Unemployment straightened out? I and many others have received fraudulent 1099-G forms. Not something we can just throw in the trash — it means dozens of calls, filling out forms online and reporting to police. Then comes tax time, and we have to worry about how to make sure they know we didn’t actually get any money. Need to have a “corrected 1099-G.” Thank goodness I am able to navigate all these hurdles even though I am a senior citizen. I hope no one will get in trouble because they threw one of these forms in the trash thinking it won’t matter.

How about stopping such nonsense as “tagging” wolves and helping people who need it. I know that there is also a problem with this department in processing new and valid claims. How about an answer, elected officials? Starting with our local government representatives.

Peggy Steldt


A reminder to drive safe

It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen an accident happen in front of me. Let alone two within 24 hours. I always wonder why is it nobody cares when it’s snowing and the roads are icy. It seems people take it as an invitation to see how fast they can go without sliding off the road. Well, it’s not an invitation.

I watched a fella do about three 360s this morning and end up in the median on I-70. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. I’m glad all he probably needed was a fresh pair of underwear and not a trip to the ER or coroner. If you want to risk hurting yourself that’s your decision, but don’t risk hurting others around you because you’re not patient enough to take it easy when the road conditions aren’t good. Please and thank you.

As far as the semi drivers go, you are not the kings of the road, either. I don’t know what the procedure for going up and down steep grades is, but when it’s normal interstate driving grades, don’t be jerks and ride close behind somebody. Give the car in front of you some space.

Ryan Reeves



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