Monday letters: COVID, mental health, youth recovery, CD3 debates, politics |

Monday letters: COVID, mental health, youth recovery, CD3 debates, politics

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Time to take COVID-19 seriously again

People have become complacent about COVID-19 just when it should be taken very seriously again. The current strain of COVID-19, BA5, is the most contagious yet and is ripping through the population regardless of previous COVID-19 infections or vaccines. There are multiple reports of people getting COVID-19 more than once (including BA5 itself). 

While BA5 is thought to be less severe than previous strains, particularly if you are vaccinated, there is still a very significant risk of getting long-haul COVID-19, symptoms that last for months and can lead to diabetes, heart disease, brain fog, loss of smell or taste, post traumatic stress disorder and neuropathy, among other things. 

The best estimates about the rate of long-haul COVID-19 is around 25% (1 in 4). What many people fail to realize is that the more times you get infected, the greater the risk of getting long-haul COVID-19. Getting COVID-19 twice means your risk of long haul goes up to around 44%. Getting COVID-19 three times and your risk goes up to around 58%.

Current estimates for the availability of an effective vaccine against BA5 is the end of October at the earliest.

So it’s time to again take seriously the risks. You need to isolate yourself if you are sick and to quarantine for at least five days if you’ve been exposed to someone who is sick. You can be infected with COVID-19 but be asymptomatic, so even though you feel well after encountering someone with COVID-19, you can be in fact spreading the disease. 

And if you are sick, please notify people you were around for the five days before you were sick. Lastly, please practice social distancing and use masks when indoors.

The people you save from major consequences of COVID-19 could be you and yours.

Jerome Dayton, Carbondale

Include resource info

I understand from reading the local/regional news, we have an addiction problem in the Roaring Fork Valley. Therefore, I appreciated Henry Maxwell’s column on Wednesday, July 27. However, how do people with addiction problems contact Henry Maxwell or any other resource locally available to help? 

If I were an individual in need of help due to my addiction, I may not be able to readily find someone, i.e., ability to use Google search, call 911, have the use of a phone, etc.

So, please, in the future, include resource contact information. “BTW, I know I’m not alone,” said the addict.

Suzanne Stewart, Glenwood Springs

Damaging Dem policies

I think it was Larry Kudrow who recently said on FOX, that a country needs three things to prosper: food, water and energy. America has an overabundance of all three. 

We have the cleanest air and water of any industrialized nation. Our midwest is the breadbasket of the world. And we have enough oil, gas and coal to last us for over 200 years. 

Unfortunately Joe Biden has hamstrung our energy sector. From day one, Biden has reversed every Trump policy that had made us energy independent and given us the best economy in 50 years, pre-COVID-19. 

The U.S. uses the same amount of energy whether it’s domestic or imported. Importing oil puts money in Russia’s coffers when we could be producing more energy and putting more money in our pockets.

Imported energy is much dirtier than what we produce. Joe is cutting our economic throats while virtue signaling green BS that’s causing more pollution.

Joe and the Dems can point fingers of blame and make new excuses daily. But not Dems nor their liberal media lapdogs can hide the pain all Americans are feeling in their wallets. Americans will vote with their wallets in November.

Joe’s problem isn’t messaging. Joe’s crazy far-left policies that are sinking his ratings. Own it, Democrats — you swapped out mean tweets for a puppet.

Bruno Kirchenwitz, Rifle

Disheartened by YRC closing

Reading about the youth recovery center at Valley View Hospital closing down is saddening. Although we live in such a beautiful place, this valley is no stranger to devastating substance abuse and mental health problems. 

I find the reasoning of not receiving enough reimbursement from Medicaid patients a cop out. I am very well aware that businesses need money to function. As a valley resident for almost my whole life, I’ve been a patient at Valley View. Yes, it’s nice the hospital looks like a 5-star ski resort, but at what cost? I think shutting down this program instead of working vigilantly to keep it open will just hurt our young people who need help. 

There is a severe lack of services for substance abuse and mental health for adults in the area, and taking away such an amazing program for our youth will only hurt them. I know I am not educated in the workings of a hospital, but I would really encourage the hospital board to reconsider this action. 

With our nation facing such heightened overdoses and depression, now is the time our youth need this program available to them more than ever. They deserve better from us regardless of their insurance policy and ability to pay.

Caitlin Palm, Rifle

Afraid to debate?

Why would you vote for a candidate who will agree to only one debate? Boebert refuses to commit to multiple debates and won’t cite why. 

Shouldn’t we as voters have multiple opportunities to see where a candidate stands on multiple issues? With so many issues facing District 3, wouldn’t more information be better?

Aidan Wynn, Aspen

Freedom of speech

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Too often people on the left wing of the spectrum try to silence those not as far left, or “woke” as themselves. Too often people on the right wing of the spectrum cower from debate because they don’t want to be called names. At that point, we are all stuck with a very small but very loud minority controlling the conversation, simply because the counterpoint won’t engage. It’s a brilliant plan for the left, if everyone else is OK letting their 1st Amendment rights be bullied away by the Marxist tactics of that very small minority.

Today, woke, radical left voices shout down opposing viewpoints by calling anyone that disagrees with them a “racist,” “bigot,” “xenophobe,” “homophobe,” etc. They tell you that you can’t say certain things, as though they are the self-appointed speech police. 

The more they say we can’t say something, the more urgent it is to say it. It has nothing to do with what they are telling us we can’t say and everything to do with our rights and our freedoms to say it.

Whether you are on the right or the left, or in the middle like most of us, you need to stand up for everyone’s right to speak. How will these woke mobs ever have the chance to become self-aware about where they are in the real world if the rest of us don’t stand up and not be afraid of honest dialogue. We don’t have to agree, but we dang sure need equal time. 

When facts and truth stand up to feelings and propaganda, then the instruments of oppression and the megaphones of liberal Marxist talking points have to deal with reality. That reality might just be that they are only parroting the propaganda that is being fed to them. Speak up. Defend your 1st Amendment.

Pedro Navaja, Glenwood Springs

False panic

Two ways to control a population is to buy off players to instill fear or blackmail the compromised. It’s nothing new. Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini were masters. Ironically, Roosevelt’s greatest task in World War II was outmaneuvering domestic enemies.

In today’s world, exaggerated COVID-19 mask mandates and fossil fuel guzzling automobiles predominate. Cloth masks don’t filter viruses, and the largest contributor of CO2 is heating and air conditioning, not automobiles … wildfires, anyone? 

Geothermal and on-demand hot water could mitigate the use of fossil fuels. Guess what the real reason is for the push to all-electric cars. What happened to hybrids that recharge their own batteries? That would take a strain off the power grids and supply lines. 

Don’t buy into manufactured panic. It’s competition between the elites to divide us, that makes them rich and powerful and that make us dependent on them and an over-strained and vulnerable power grid. Where will the elites be when something goes wrong?

Fear and intimidation from ideologues work, something Roosevelt knew, and that Americans before him had “overcome.” We, too, can overcome these grifters with common sense and transition into a sustainable future.

Fred Stewart, Grand Junction

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