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Tuesday letters: Boebert’s effectiveness, misinformation, slanted news

Insight into Boebert’s effectiveness

This week we were given some tremendous insight into the effectiveness of Lauren Boebert if she were to become our 3rd CD congresswoman. Instead of showing us her abilities to work directly with Gov. Polis to achieve a real solution for all restaurateurs in Garfield County, we were given a front row seat to how inept she really is.

Lauren, in typical fashion, chose the path of ignorant and self-serving defiance. On full display was her inability to work within government to actually solve a problem. Certainly she will be applauded by her cronies for standing up to the “man,” but in a way that showed complete and total disregard for commissioners and the safety and well-being of her neighbors.

So while the bully girl ranting, the sexy poses for the camera and a toy gun on her hip help get press for her latest political stunt, Lauren’s “Fem Fatale” attitude coupled with her complete void of leadership skill will never accomplish anything benefiting us in Washington, D.C.

Respect yourself and the health of your community, vote “Hell No” to Lauren Boebert on June 30.

Becky Gremillion

Glenwood Springs

Misinformation amid coronavirus

As of Jan. 10, the U.S. knew about the coronavirus, and no plans were put in place. Instead Trump was declaring it a hoax and it would just “go away” magically. Here we are in May, with over 88,000 deaths and 1.4 million cases of coronavirus. 

I am more frustrated than ever, with this insane pathological liar in the White House. It is now life and death and because of his pie in the sky fantasy about the virus just going away magically, I observe people all around me simply enjoying lunches together and gathering on Mother’s Day and other holidays, as if nothing is happening. These are the people still believing his lies; the “Trumpsters” I call them. This is no longer Republican against Democrat; it’s truth against lies, right against wrong people. Please wake up before it’s too late.

My heart goes out to all the young people raising their families today. I have never known anything like this in my lifetime. Only the people who could remember the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic could ever relate. I am praying for the young people of today and for the future of America and the world for that matter. I have five grandchildren I’m so concerned about and a great-granddaughter on the way. What kind of a world are we leaving them?

I believe in science, global warming, the Holocaust and history based on facts. We are living two different realities: the reality TV Trump Show with misinformation, and the facts as they are of people dying every day from the coronavirus. I pray that none of you people in denial get the virus, or one of your children or grandchildren. 

It feels to me like our democracy is gone, and God help us if the current man in the White House has another four years.

Linda Carr


What we get from the news

Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s there were only three television networks to watch. Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor and Harry Reasoner were esteemed newsmen of the time, and America generally trusted what they reported. People were glued to their televisions nightly: civil strife, Vietnam, Watergate, the energy crisis — no shortage of subjects, much like today. And although often slanted one way or the other, all three networks reported the same news.

Enter the Reagan ’80s: the internet and cable television, the explosion of conservative talk-radio, and the FCC’s 1987 destruction of the Fairness Doctrine. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes founded Fox News in 1996, whose dedication to conservatism was the antithesis to liberal-leaning CNN/MSNBC, and it soon became the darling of America’s right-wing, the de facto spokesnetwork for the Republican Party.

With the new century, George Bush and 9/11 shortly thereafter, Fox excelled at harnessing public outrage at the religious fundamentalist terrorists who attacked the United States. Broadcasters like Cavuto, O’Reilly and Hannity coordinated the smear campaign against Muslims (including 3.5 million Americans) much like they’re smearing health professionals now. And they didn’t stop there: women, immigrants, Blacks, Latinos, gays and Democrats — all fair game, demonized for the Fox faithful. 

Now, COVID-19 by most estimates is 20–50 times deadlier than the flu and much more contagious. Epidemiologists and pandemic experts alike agree that social distancing, facemasks and contact-tracing are vitally important to mitigating this pandemic. However, the current administration, laser-focused only on the president’s re-election, decided that misinformation and denial are the only methods to combat this disease, and that more testing somehow only magnifies the problem. 

Fox News amplifies this incessantly, vilifying medical professionals and continually mocking the experts, claiming that it’s a Democratic hoax while encouraging viewers’ protests and violence. 

With a depression-bound economy dependent upon its workers, many of the country’s lowest-paid, most at-risk employees are forced into patently unsafe work environments or risk losing their jobs. Even the elderly are being dismissed as non-essential people “leaching off the government,” expendable for the greater good. (Nothing new here — just like Germany in the 1930s…) 

Dana Andersen

New Castle

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