Wednesday letters: 480 Donegan, airport, air quality, Christian Science stance misrepresented |

Wednesday letters: 480 Donegan, airport, air quality, Christian Science stance misrepresented

Editor’s note: A letter to the editor published Wednesday both contained incorrect information and quoted a private citizen without providing notice or asking for permission. In response to the letter, the City of Glenwood Springs released the following statement from City Manager Debra Figueroa:

“The South Canyon Landfill is a valuable community asset for the City of Glenwood Springs. A recent letter to the editor incorrectly implied that the landfill was dangerously close to being full. While this is not the case, we also want to emphasize that waste diversion is and should be taken seriously.

The City is in the process of preparing for a future conversation with City Council about ways construction waste can be more efficiently managed and processed. Part of this conversation are waste pricing and fees, potential regulation for acceptable construction waste, and requirements for how buildings are deconstructed. Expect to see more information on this discussion in 2022.

To be clear, the City has not received plans for the demolition of the West Glenwood Mall. If the mall in West Glenwood were hypothetically demolished, unsorted debris would not completely fill up the landfill.

The life expectancy of the currently permitted operating area of the South Canyon Landfill is estimated to be six years at current service levels and regulations. The City of Glenwood Springs recently submitted an application to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to expand the landfill onto City-owned land surrounding the existing operating area in South Canyon.

The objective of considering changes to waste pricing and policies is to give staff tools to better manage incoming waste, including ways to more sustainably accept and process debris. An example of this might be working with construction permit holders on how to properly sort deconstructed materials for an efficient use of the landfill and reuse of all materials available.

We are very fortunate to have our own city-owned landfill as a resource, and we as a community need to be aware that this is a finite resource and exercise stewardship of how we use this space. Waste diversion is top of mind for staff and we look forward to working with City Council on paths forward for our landfill.”

Sickened by city decisions

I am sickened that the 480 development went through. This City Council is destroying our small-town character. Affordable housing does not mean massive development. Additionally, the airport ballot questions appear to be worded so the city has cause to close the airport.

Lastly, the next time the city sends out a survey, an included question should be “Do you feel City Council is trustworthy?”

David Malehorn

Glenwood Springs

City Council going against the will of the people

The kings rule.

Why are the mayor and City Council going against the will of the residents of the city of Glenwood? What happened to the long-term planning for the city?

They go against the people of Glenwood and the Planning and Zoning Commission and OK the annexation in West Glenwood. The mayor takes out a full page in the paper threatening to close the airport if a don’t vote for money for the tunnel.

Closing the airport has been voted down many times over the years before he moved here. The airport stays.

Maybe it’s time for our mayor and City Council to go. They are supposed to be representing the people not the developer, who stated that the council has to do what’s good for the town even if the people don’t like it? What is that all about?

Now they are having a meeting this Thursday going after South Canyon to develop it? Does anyone know about the meeting? They don’t like the gun range so they want an RV park in the canyon? Build it and they will come.

Vote these people out and save Glenwood.

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

City Council pulls the old switcheroo

The old switcheroo. The four foibles — Shelley, Godes, Willman and Davis — have really pulled a fast one. Three City Council meetings ago, a vote was taken on whether to annex R2 Partners’ 340-unit project into the city of Glenwood. The vote was 4-0 against the annexation.

Yes. But wait. Shelley and Godes proposed and got a continuation. Three weeks later, Oct. 21, a new vote was taken. The annexation was approved 4-3 by the four foibles. Is that legal?

We have spoken at meetings, sent letters to the editor, along with emails to City Council. We have over 620 residents on Facebook. We have over 1,700 signatures for denial. Everyone we talk with is with us. City Council does not listen to us or read our emails. The developers are treated like royalty. We are treated like crap. Strange, because City Council’s No. 1 priority is to take care of its residents.

As we all know, the infrastructure is totally inadequate for this project. Safety would be nonexistent. With 1,000 new people and over 900 vehicles, we would have no chance to escape when the next fire comes. Some will die. Our welfare and quality of life will disappear. In West Glenwood and beyond, gridlock will be the norm.

Glenwood Planning and Zoning Commission voted 100% to deny the application. The same result from the county commissioners. Mr. Samson called it a total nightmare. We are extremely angry with the four foibles’ vote.

Please join us on Facebook at West Glenwood pasture development. Join us for saving Glenwood from this proposed disaster. Raise hell and keep the faith.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

City Council should govern, not rule

Originally addressed Dear Glenwood Springs City Council,

I worked on the GWS airport petitions. It simply stated that any change of use for our airport should go to a vote of qualified electors. Why was that so scary for City Council and staff?

Just days after the second petition was rejected by the city clerk, our City Council came up with ballot issues 2A and 2B. Well played, mayor, for your win-win tax request in an effort to close our airport.

I find this action by some of our City Council a shady, disingenuous and devisive political move better suited for cities like Chicago or Providence.

How can South Bridge be so greatly needed yet so underfunded?

Please do not misinterpret my no vote on issues 2A and 2B as a vote to close the airport.

Please remember, you were elected to govern, not rule.

Ross W. Roginski

Glenwood Springs, Ward 5

Mall demolition will cost us

There is something really important that people in Glenwood must pay attention to. When the West Glenwood developer told City Council he plans to tear down the Glenwood Springs Mall, my jaw dropped. Where do you think they are going to dispose of it, and who do you think will pay the price for that?

We are all going to live with the consequences of this council’s inability to live within its means. This new West Glenwood development has not sealed our fate yet. Show up at 6:07 p.m. Thursday, at the Council Chambers, or call your representative. If you want to call Charlie (Willman), he told me he is now taking calls on this matter. His number is 970-379-7820.

Please call Charlie and tell him to vote no on the second reading. This council has not done near enough homework to let this happen. Charlie has the deciding vote.

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

Christian Science stance misrepresented

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Glenwood Springs, established in the early 1900s, has always had close ties with the community, and continues to do its best to be a loving and healing presence in town. A recent article in the Post Independent, “Vaccination mandate prompts exemption requests at Grand River Health,” is inaccurate when referencing the church’s website when the article says, “Christian Science, however, questions vaccinations and can see them as problematic, according to”

The statement on the church’s website, “A Christian Science perspective on vaccination and public health,” actually states, “For more than a century, our denomination has counseled respect for public health authorities and conscientious obedience to the laws of the land, including those requiring vaccination.”

Christian Scientists are diligently working toward the same goals in light of the pandemic as everyone else in the community: health and protection. Church members who have experienced in their lives the power of healing prayer that Christ Jesus practiced, still might request an accommodation from vaccination, when such accommodation is provided for in the law. But this choice is not a distrust in or a shunning of vaccinations. It’s simply that some church members would prefer, given the privilege, to rely solely on their proven practice of Christian healing to achieve this goal.

It’s worth noting that these decisions are made as a matter of individual religious practice. Our church does not tell members what to do but instead leaves it to the individual church member to speak with their employers about their own religious healing practice when requesting an accommodation. Christian Scientists strive to approach these conversations with the hope of bringing a sense of calm and even healing.

We would like to extend a prayer to Grand River Health. I am moved by the spirit from a proverb: Each person’s gift, provided from on High, also comes with it the opportunity and right place to use this gift.

David Price

legislative and media spokesperson for Christian Science in Colorado


Action needed to improve air quality

Colorado has set a new record for Air Quality Action Alerts this summer.

Sure, the wildfires contributed to this problem, but the way I see it, the two main culprits here are climate change and oil and gas drilling.

Our climate is growing warmer, the recent report from the International Panel on Climate Change paints a dire picture: Without acting now, it’s going to get worse.

I don’t think we should accept unhealthy air quality and scorching hot summers as Colorado’s way of life.

No, we need to act now, and one action we can take before the end of the year is for Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission to adopt direct regulation of the oil and gas sector. The IPCC report specifically calls out methane emissions as a huge driver of climate warming pollution that we have to get under control now.

I urge the AQCC to act boldly and adopt direct regulations to help clean our air and fight climate change.

Danielle Carver


Heavy bag

My congratulations to the majority members of the Glenwood Springs City Council for Thursday (Oct. 21) night’s vote in passing and approving the annexation of the mega complex behind the Glenwood Mall.

You have proven that it is possible to put 10 pounds of manure into a 5-pound bag.

Luke Bradshaw

Grand Junction

Here’s an idea

Why not move the airport to the rim of Glenwood Canyon above Spring Valley, and extend the road from there, descending east of Glenwood Canyon? That would solve a lot of problems regarding the South Bridge and open up an alternative route around the canyon.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction


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